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Gerald Dzara
national bank note census

Hi, new member here. Is the Kelly national banknote census the same as the trackandprice census? I need info on charter 6344 FNB Perryopolis Pa.


thank yuo


SPMC Admin
Kelly / T&P

The Kelly census and T&P are separate reports.

The Kelly census is now maintained by, available for a subscription.

NBNCensus shows 5 large and 13 small for 6344.  The trophy note is a $20 1902 RS serial 555, last sold by Lyn Knight in 2010.


Gerald Dzara
kelly census

Thank you, Do the Five large size notes from 6344 consist of 1 $10 1902 PB, 3 $20 1902 PD and 1 $20 1902 RS?

The trophey note sold for $3690 in 2010, $2760 in 2014(a $900 loss) and for $1821(another $900 loss) in 2016.

Shawn Hewitt
Large Census

The census has 4 $20 02PBs plus the $20 Red Seal.

Gerald Dzara
National Bank note census

So they don't list either of the $10 1902 PB notes.

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