Nevada National Banks

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Mister Skee
Nevada National Banks

Does any reader know to what extent the 1974 publication "Nevada Sixteen National Banks and Their Mining Camps" by M.O. Warns was printed? They all appear to have been numbered in order of printing, and I've seen copies into the 360's. Any information would be appreciated.

Manning Garrett
Re: Nevada National Banks

I jumped through a bunch of hoops and had my library order that book about three years ago.  I remember being disappointed because the book is mostly newspaper clippings and old ads.  To answer your question though, I think my copy was in the 400s.  I beat the Higgins Museum has a copy.  They might have more insight on the print run.

Ryan Baum
Re: Nevada National Banks

The book is interesting but a different format from perhaps a pure research resource.  Instead of being efficiently packed with details in text form with a few tables or images, the book is primarily copies of original source documents with only some text.  

If, however, you are interested in the national banks of Nevada who issued notes during the national bank note issuing period, this is a must have.  Think of it is as a collection of supporting documents such as correspondence with the OCC from/to the banks, photos of the towns during the banks' founding years compared to the early 1970s.  

This book was sponsored by the SPMC.

And of course, for those of us who can never expect the ability to afford adding any Nevada notes to our collection beyond FNB in Reno, it has black and whit images of notes from all the banks except for the FNB of Nevada in Austin, the first national bank chartered in Nevada, for whom no note is known to have survived.



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