Society of Paper Money Collectors

The Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC) promotes the study and appreciation of paper money and related financial history. As a non-profit organization, the SPMC provides grants for research, publishes a bi-monthly journal, sponsors exhibits and lectures at regional and national venues, and supports education and outreach to the greater numismatic community.


Take your collecting experience to the next level by joining those who already have.

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Bank Note History Project

Find out who signed your bank notes, and learn more about them! Do some research and write up a Banker Bio or Bank History as part of SPMC's Bank Note History Project!

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Obsoletes Database Project

Visit SPMC’s online census and catalog of U.S. Obsolete Notes, built with the assistance of many contributing members.

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Paper Money - Vol. LX - No. 1 - Whole #331- Jan/Feb 2021

Journals Posted 1 month 2 weeks ago

Act of 1863 Gold Certificates Deseret Currency Association  No County for Old Men or Their Money  The End of Legal Tender Notes  The American National Bank of Baltimore, MD David A....

SPMC to Host Zoom Meeting

Press Releases Posted 1 month 1 week ago

Tune in to SPMC's first public Zoom meeting on February 27, 2021.  The day will begin with a general membership meeting, followed by several seminars on popular paper money topics.  The meeting is...

SPMC Zoom Membership Meeting and Seminars

Events Posted 5 days 20 hours ago

Event Date: 
Saturday, February 27, 2021


News & Notes Volume VI, No. 36

News & Notes Posted 2 days 12 hours ago

News & Notes Volume VI, No. 36                      February 23, 2021        Things to Read While You're in Self-Quarantine             --Each week News & Notes brings you material from...

Ray Sugden and the Mystery of "Tampa's Mystery Buck"

Blogs Posted 3 months 3 weeks ago

Introduction      In June of the year 2000, notice appeared of a curious advertising note in the pages of Fun Money, the quarterly newsletter of a sister collector organization, The American Play...

Serial number symbols

Forum Posted 1 month 1 week ago

Serial number stop symbols  If you look at these bills, you will see that the serial numbers have a symbol afterwards.

Dealer Directory

Get in touch with member paper money dealers in your area to buy or sell.

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Hall of Fame

SPMC honors major past and present contributors to the hobby. Visit our Hall of Fame.

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Literary and service awards are presented each year to SPMC members for sharing their knowledge and talents.

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