News and Updates from the Small Size World

Hello All in 2015.

The market has been quite robust this past couple of years. Especially so for the premium rarities in high grades or even some notes we considered ‘common’ selling for 10 times what they would have sold for in the run-up to the last small-size, market peak, April of 2008. Of course the more generic material that is always readily available remains so and at prices similar to 10 years ago. The strengthening economy has seen an uptick in this market as well as the “program” buyers have started sucking more material up for the non-numismatic marketplace.

The strongest areas in small size, 1928 FRNs, Light Green Seals, High Denominations and Pop One material in general, are driven by an elite group of collectors with literally millions to spare. I have never seen a FRN market like there is today with some $100s in particular selling for 4 or 5 times what I might be willing to pay. Ones market reality is obviously based, heavily, upon the spare change in your bank account. Yikes!

I empathize with the collectors out there being blown out of the water in recent auctions, especially at Heritage, but it is part and parcel to being in a collecting field where the demand and prices can be quickly ratcheted up to levels well beyond our modest expectations. The supply has always been incredibly thin in Small-Size when compared to our ‘big brother’ coins or even with many Large Size issues being more available. At least we can enjoy an increase in our collections’ value along with our bank accounts as it is getting very difficult collecting increasingly scarce “GEMS”.

The CPMX show has fallen on hard times and appears to be toast. Sad as it was always my best retail show in the Chicago area but just like the Small Size guide F & W publications isn’t making enough money. In my opinion based on a corner cutting corporate structure that is doomed to producing ever worse products.

Numismatic Regards,

Scott Lindquist