Download 2019 IPMS KC Exhibit Application

New SPMC Exhibit Class and Award Structures

The SPMC Awards/Exhibit Committee has made the following changes to the SPMC Exhibit Award Program, which were approved by the Board and will be instituted at the 2019 KC IPMS.


A Five-Class Exhibit award structure as follows:

  • Federal Issues (Large Size; Small Size; Fractional)
  • Non-Federal Issues (Obsolete Paper Money, Colonial Paper Money, Confederate States of America Issues, Depression Scrip all eras)
  • National Bank Notes – all types; all periods
  • World Paper Money (including Canada and Mexico)
  • Related Fiscal Items (Checks, Bonds, Stocks, MPC, Ephemera such as post cards and advertising, literature)

Certificates will be awarded as follows: 

  • 1st Place SPMC Exhibit Award
  • 2nd Place SPMC Exhibit Award
  • Certificate of Appreciation for all exhibitors

Financial Awards will also be instituted as follows:

  • First Place in all five classes: $100 Cash
  • Second Place in all five classes: $50 Cash (if awarded)
  • Best of Show $250 Cash
  • First Place Single Case Exhibit: $25 (not eligible for Best of Show award)


  • Judges will use a custom-made SPMC standard Judge Rating Sheet.
  • A minimum of 3 Judges will be selected for the event if available (exceptions may be made by the President or Vice President based on personnel availability)
  • Judges will be SPMC members in good standing and selected by the President or Vice President.
  • A minimum score (the number to be determined) will be required to qualify for a First or Second Place Award.
  • Best of Show will be awarding from the winners of each of the five First Place class winners.


  • Each exhibit will be limited to seven (7) cases.
  • If an exhibitor wants to do a larger exhibit, it will be considered a non-competitive exhibit and not eligible for awards.