Paper Money - Vol. LXII - No. 3 - Whole #345 - May/June 2023

Journal  Posted 3 weeks 3 days

The End of National Bank Notes--Lee Lofthus Digital Archives of the Walton Collection--Matt Hansen Back Plate 470 Discovery--Peter Huntoon Laws Governing the Circulation & Denominations...

Paper Money - Vol. LXII - No. 2 - Whole # 344 - Mar/Apr 2023

Journal  Posted 2 months 2 weeks

Hawaiian Discovery Note—Peter Huntoon Merchant Notes of Tuscaloosa Alabama--Charles Derby Legal Tender Non-Star Serial Ranges--Peter Huntoon Clayton Cowgill--Terry Bryan Asachel Eaton's...

Paper Money - Vol. LXII - No. 1 - Whole No. 343 - Jan/Feb 2023

Journal  Posted 4 months 4 weeks

Philadelphia #1 Postal Note Enigma--Bob Laub & Kent Halland Arizona Series 1929 National Bank Notes--Peter Huntoon Mr. President--May We?--Benny Bolin Monster Notes of Raza Shah Pahlavi...

Paper Money - Vol LXI - No. 6 - Whole No. 342 - Nov/Dec 2022

Journal  Posted 6 months 2 weeks

Philippine Treasury Certificates of 1941--Daniel McKone Reuse of Bank Titles by the Same Bank--Peter Huntoon Bank of the U.S. 1833 Sight Draft--Bill Gunther South Carolina's Most Wanted--...

Paper Money - Vol. LXI - No. 5 - Whole 341 - Sep/Oct 2022

Journal  Posted 8 months 2 weeks

Introduction to the Huntoon-Shiva Encyclopedia of U. S. National Bank Notes In the Beginning--Wendell Wolka Origin of Type 2 Numbers--Peter Huntoon Ransom At the Border--Lee Lofthus...

Paper Money - Vol LXI - No. 4 - Whole No. 340 - July/Aug 2022

Journal  Posted 10 months 2 weeks

Confederate Stagecoach & Rail Road Scrip--Steve Feller First NB of Bisbee, Territory of Arizona--Peter Huntoon Southern Printers--Keatinge & Ball--Charles Derby The Delaware Coat of...

Paper Money - Vol. LXI - No. 3 - Whole No. 339 - May/June 2022

Journal  Posted 1 year 3 weeks

Origin and Demise of the 1890/1891 Treasury Notes--Peter Huntoon SPMC FUN Activities Merchant, Postmaster, Planter; Like Father, Like Son--Bill Gunther Some Interesting Civil War Monetary...

Paper Money - Vol. LXI - No. 2 - Whole 338 - Mar/Apr 2022

Journal  Posted 1 year 2 months

Vignette and Other Engraving Varieties--Peter Huntoon Bankers Go for Outing--End Up in Jail--Nick Bruyer Major Upham's Coupons--Terry Bryan Sears Customer Profit Sharing Certificates--Loren...

Paper Money - Vol LXI - No. 1 - Whole 337 - Jan/Feb 2022

Journal  Posted 1 year 4 months

Hawaiian Series Currency--Lee Lofthus 1861 Fantasy Corporation Notes—Charles Derby When Treasury Silver Collided w/Physics--Peter Huntoon Series 1929 Overprinting Plate--Peter Huntoon...

Paper Money - Vol. LX - No. 6 - Whole # 336 - Nov/Dec 2021

Journal  Posted 1 year 6 months

Emergency Currency; Aldrich-Vreeland Act—Peter Huntoon T. D. Tinsley—Charles Derby An Unusual Theme—Roeland Krul Tying off the Star SNs on Series 1934 FRNs—Peter Huntoon Confederate Bond...

Paper Money - Vol. LX - No. 5 - Whole #335 - Sep/Oct 2021

Journal  Posted 1 year 8 months

The End of Silver Certificates--Peter Huntoon William Fraser White--Charles Derby Plate Letter Placement Glitches--Doug Murray and Peter Huntoon Color Watermarks from Domtar--Roland Rollins...

Paper Money - Vol. LX - No. 4 - Whole #334- July/August 2021

Journal  Posted 1 year 10 months

Title Block Layouts--Doug Walcutt Date Changes on Series 1907 Gold Certificates--Peter Huntoon Doty & Bergen--Obsolete Counterfeiters-Pt. II-- Terry Bryan Albert Lea--Frank Clark...

Paper Money - Vol. LX - No. 3 - Whole #333 - May/June 2021

Journal  Posted 2 years 2 weeks

Fractional Images on Stamps--Rick Melamed The Impact of WWI on Gold Certificates--Peter Huntoon Edmund Bacon Williamson Apperson--Charles Derby Doty & Bergen-Obsolete Currency...

Paper Money - Vol LX - No. 2 - Whole #332 - March/April 2021

Journal  Posted 2 years 2 months

U. S. Treasury Notes of the Mexican War--Nicholas Bruyer Origins of Series 1907 Gold Certificates and Legal Tender Notes--Peter Huntoon British POW & Internee Camp Money--Steve Feller...

Paper Money - Vol. LX - No. 1 - Whole #331- Jan/Feb 2021

Journal  Posted 2 years 4 months

Act of 1863 Gold Certificates Deseret Currency Association  No County for Old Men or Their Money  The End of Legal Tender Notes  The American National Bank of Baltimore, MD...

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