Paper Money - Vol. LVII, No. 5 - Whole No. 317 - September/October 2018

Journal  Posted 5 years 6 days

Territorial National Bank Note--Peter Huntoon Arkadelphia Exchange--Charles Derby Sherlock Holmes and the ABNCo Mystery--Greg Ruby Townsend Test Scrip--Loren Gatch Banknotes of Zambia and...

Paper Money - Vol. LVII, No. 4 - Whole No. 316 - July/August 2018

Journal  Posted 5 years 2 months

Changeover from 12 tp 18 Subject Plates--Peter Huntoon & Jamie Yakes Choctaw Corner: A Dead Town in Alabama--Bill Gunther Nicaraguan Paper Money--Carlson Chambliss Series of 1882 &...

Paper Money - Vol. LVII, No. 3 - Whole No. 315 - May/June 2018

Journal  Posted 5 years 4 months

George Blake and Fancy Serial Numbers--Peter Huntoon Third Issue Fractional Currency Error--Rick Melamed Mormon Currency of Nauvoo Illinois--Douglas Nyholm 2711 Note Survey on T-64 CSA $500...

Paper Money - Vol. LVII, No. 2 - Whole No. 314 - March/April 2018

Journal  Posted 5 years 6 months

Silver Certificates of the Great Depression Revisited--Lee Lofthus Patented Lettering--Peter Huntoon Unusual Confederate Printed Backs--Michael McNeil The Stockyards Nat’l Bank of Fort Worth...

Paper Money - Vol. LVII, No. 1 - Whole No. 313 - January/February 2018

Journal  Posted 5 years 7 months

Eric Pfeiffer Newman................................................................... 4 The Dies that Fathered 1872 & 1882 Nationals Peter Huntoon...

Paper Money - Vol. LVI, No. 6 - Whole No. 312 - November/December 2017

Journal  Posted 5 years 10 months

Out of Range Serial Numbers--Peter Huntoon The National and First National Banks of Huntsville, Alabama--David Hollander Michigan Obsolete Notes--Clifford Thies Gideon Fairman’s Engraving of...

Paper Money - Vol. LVI, No. 5 - Whole No. 311 - September/October 2017

Journal  Posted 5 years 12 months

The First 1922 $500 Gold Certificate Face Plate--Jamie Yakes The Origin of the $5 Wide II Back Plate Varieties--Peter Huntoon Origins of Mormon Currency in Great Salt Lake City 1848-49--Douglas...

Paper Money - Vol. LVI, No. 4 - Whole No. 310 - July/August 2017

Journal  Posted 6 years 2 months

   Marijuana and Oil--Peter Huntoon An Attribution Mystery Solved--Bill Gunther & Charles Derby Collecting $1 FRNs--Carlson Chambliss Fascinating Justice Fractional Artifact--Rick...

Paper Money - Vol. LVI, No. 3 - Whole No. 309 - May/June 2017

Journal  Posted 6 years 4 months

The Well Traveled Turk--Peter Huntoon 2017 SPMC Hall of Fame Images of Value--Artwork Behind U.S. Security Engraving--Mark Anderson Raphael Thian's Register of the Confederate Debt--Michael...

Paper Money - Vol. LVI, No. 2 - Whole No. 308 - March/April 2017

Journal  Posted 6 years 6 months

The 1st National Bank of Princeton, MN--Shawn Hewitt Uncoupled--Joe Bowling & Fred Schwan Brazil's National Treasury Notes--Carlson Chambliss Venable's Hotel, Huntsville, AL--David...

Paper Money - Vol. LVI, No. 1 - Whole No. 307 - January/February 2017

Journal  Posted 6 years 8 months

3--Treasury Plate Numbers Used as Plate Serial Numbers--Peter Huntoon 17-3rd Issue Fractional Currency Experimentals--Rick Melamed 29-A Revised Listing of North Korean Notes--Carlson Chamblis 39-...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 6 - Whole No. 306 - November/December 2016

Journal  Posted 6 years 10 months

Hutton & Freligh, Part II Large Size Type Note Signature Changeover Protocol Fernando Fernandez--Mexican Banknote Engraver & Printer A 131 year old Mystery Solved The Earliest surviving...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 5 - Whole No. 305 - September/October 2016

Journal  Posted 6 years 10 months

Happy Birthday MPC--Joe Boling & Fred Schwan ............................................ 315 Stack’s Paymaster Auction Report--Fred Schwan............................................. 324...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 4 - Whole No. 304 - July/August 2016

Journal  Posted 7 years 2 months

The Classification of National Bank Titles--Peter Huntoon                  235 The "New Design" of...

Paper Money - Vol. LV, No. 3 - Whole No. 303 - May/June 2016

Journal  Posted 7 years 4 months

Hutton & Freligh--Mississippi Treasury Notes--Charles Derby Lanuch of the 1928E Silver Certificated--Peter Huntoon, Jamie Yakes, Lee Lofthus Rare Vignettes Link to Philatelic Collectibles--...

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