News & Notes Volume VI, No. 47

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          News & Notes Volume VI, No. 47

                           May 11, 2021


    Things to Read While You're in Self-Quarantine 

        --Each week News & Notes brings you material from around The Web with paper money content-- 

                                Silver Certificates: USA and Elsewhere   


     Currency Coming and Going


                                                "Menhara" (The National).

     The Business of Collecting

     New Banknote Issues

     Shows/Conventions Happening this Week that aren't Cancelled

                                (U.S. Shows only, some very local--call ahead to confirm)

     Upcoming Online Currency Auctions

                                   (Organized by earliest ending date)

     Cancelled and Rescheduled Shows/Conventions

          This list will try to incorporate coronavirus-related schedule changes, when known.

     Banknote, Security Printing, and Cash Management Industries

     Upcoming Industry Conferences

      From the Annals of Crime

                        Websites to Like

                                                         (in no particular order)