News & Notes Volume VII, No. 32

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          News & Notes Volume VII, No. 32

                        January 25, 2022

   From the Internet Bookshelf 

     --Each week News & Notes brings you material from around The Web with paper money content-- 

                                          From the Inside Adams Blog at the Library of Congress

-                                                               -All posts by Ellen Terrell--

     Currency Coming and Going

     The Business of Collecting

     New Banknote Issues

     Local Coin/Numismatic Shows Happening this Week

                                (U.S. Shows only, some very local--call ahead to confirm)

           Multi-Day Shows

       January 29

      January 30

     Upcoming Online Currency Auctions

     Major Coin and Currency Shows

    Banknote, Security Printing, and Cash Management Industries

     Upcoming Industry Conferences

      From the Annals of Crime

                        Websites to Like