Obsoletes: Build Your Library

I've always thought that the area of U.S. obsolete notes remains the wild west of paper money; there is much in the field that has yet to be discovered and mapped.  But there are a great many references that have been created over the last century that collectors of state notes can use to help build their collections.  Many works have been sponsored by the SPMC over the last 50 years.  Here is a partial list of titles -- I am sure there are others still missing in my library:

  • Alabama Obsolete Notes and Scrip -- Rosene
  • Arkansas Obsolete Notes and Scrip -- Rothert
  • Colorado Territorial Scrip -- Mumey
  • Florida Obsolete Notes and Scrip -- Freeman
  • Illustrated History of Florida Paper Money -- Cassidy
  • Florida Paper Money -- Benice
  • Indian Territory / Oklahoma / Kansas Obsolete Notes & Scrip -- Burgett, Whitfield
  • Indiana Obsolete Notes & Scrip -- Wolka, Vorhees, Schramm
  • Iowa Obsolete Notes & Scrip -- Oakes
  • Kansas Paper Money -- Whitfield, Reed
  • Kentucky Obsolete Notes and Scrip -- Hughs
  • Maine Obsolete Paper Money & Scrip -- Wait
  • Money & Banking in Maryland -- Maryland Historical Society
  • Obsolete Banknotes and Early Scrip of Michigan -- Bowen
  • Michigan Paper Money, Obsolete, Scrip and National Bank Notes -- Lee
  • Minnesota Obsolete Notes and Scrip -- Rockholt
  • History & Catalog of Minnesota Obsolete Bank Notes & Scrip -- Hewitt, Parrish, Schroeder, Sem
  • Mississippi Obsolete Paper Money and Scrip -- Leggett
  • Mississippi Obsolete Notes & Scrip -- Kraus
  • History of Nebraska Banking and Paper Money -- Walton
  • New Jersey's Money -- Wait
  • New York State Scrip and Private Issues -- Harris
  • History of Nineteenth Century Ohio Bank Notes and Scrip -- Wolka
  • Pennsylvania Obsolete Notes & Scrip -- Hoober
  • Obsolete Notes & Scrip of Rhode Island & the Providence Planations -- Durand
  • South Carolina Obsolete Notes and Scrip -- Sheheen
  • History of Early Tennessee Banks and Their Issues -- Garland
  • Texas Obsolete Notes and Scrip -- Medlar
  • Texas Currency: A Catalog 1813-1868 -- Olson
  • Mormon and Utah Coin and Currency -- Rust
  • Vermont Obsolete Notes and Scrip -- Colter
  • Obsolete Paper Money of Virginia, Volumes 1-2 -- Affleck
  • Virginia Obsolete Paper Money -- Jones, Littlefield
  • Wisconsin Obsolete Bank Notes and Scrip -- Krause
  • Standard Catalog of United States Obsolete Bank Notes, Volumes 1-4 -- Haxby
  • Obsolete Paper Money -- Bowers
  • Obsolete Bank Notes of New England -- Wismer
  • North American Currency -- Criswell

When I wrote my book on Minnesota Obsoletes, I tried to write it in such a way that it gives readers the big picture of obsoletes.  In other words, its not just a Minnesota book.  If you are interested in paper money that pre-dates Federal issues, its worth a look.

I recently bought out the remaining inventory of Minnesota books from the publisher, and I am offering SPMC members the opportunity to buy a copy at below the original cost of printing.  Please see my ad, here:  https://www.spmc.org/ads