Wall Street Bourse - October 2012

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We set up at John Herzog's Wall Street Bourse show at the Museum of American Finance Thursday, October 18 through Saturday October 20, 2012. This is a small show held at a historic venue in downtown New York City on Wall Street itself. It's essentially the old Strasburg, PA show recreated in a Wall St session complete with all of the social and fun activities that John's shows are known for.

We arrived Wednesday night and checked in the Wall St Inn. This is a nice hotel that had special rates for the show and was only 2 blocks away. While elegant and convenient, it is expensive to attend a show overnight in NYC, but we felt it was worth it given the people, the event and the venue. It turns out we were right on these and, as an added bonus, on a financial basis too.

Thursday morning was set up and we arrived mid-morning to do so. We had several large cent and Confederate paper money collectors come by and had a respectable start to a small show. Recently we expaneded into northeastern US obsolete notes and these were good to have as well. Thursday night we went to a locally outstanding and well known Chinese restaurant with more than a dozen friends to celebrate Mark Anderson's birthday... quite a fun event I must say!

Friday saw the heart of the show, with the Museum open for visitors and well worth the visit just for that. John had visitors from local schools come by and it was fun to explain what Confederate money was to a host of NYC kids. More people came by and we had more sales - note this is a selling, not a buying show - and we were quite successful. Friday night was the event's main dinner and guest speaker at the India House nearby - a wonderful venue for an intimate and great event.

Saturday was slower, but we had a couple of new collectors start with large cents and Confederate money respectively which is always fun to do - e.g., get people started with the right books and foundation, etc... We did sell a good number of Confederate money books here too. The event ended by early afternoon and we packed up and headed home to have a full Sunday to rest and prepare for the coming week. All-in-all we were quite please with the sales at the show and had a lot of fun to boot!  We look forward to next year.

Pierre Fricke