2014 Memphis IPMS Speakers Series

Once again, the speaker’s series at the Memphis International Paper Money Show held on June 13 (Friday) and June 14 (Saturday) has shaped up to be a big event.


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Joseph Boling

The Fakes Outnumber the Originals

Scarce world notes began to appear on internet sales sites a few years ago in quantities far in excess of pieces reported from collections.  Learn how to distinguish the frauds such as German notes overprinted for use in Persia during WWI, Central Bank of China notes overprinted for Tibetan‑speaking regions in the 1930s, French West Africa notes overstamped for Fezzan in WWII, People's Republic of China specimen notes of the 1980s‑90s, etc.


Q. David Bowers, Dennis Tucker, Mary Burleson: 2 pm on Friday

An Insider’s View of the Rarity, Pricing, and Market for Obsolete Paper Money 1782‑1866


Steve Carr

First Names on National Bank Notes

Delve into the collecting of National Bank Notes from towns and cities that are common first names.  Learn how to determine if your favorite names are available and how readily they may be collected.  Lavishly illustrated.


Carlson Chambliss

Survival of Small Size Gold Certificates

Collectible small size gold certificates are limited to the Series of 1928 so all eight denominations in this series will be examined in terms of survival characteristics and census counts.  The Series of 1934 gold notes also will be discussed along with a complete census of unredeemed specimens.  These findings, many of which are unpublished, will be used to put the survival of large size gold certificates into perspective.


Ray and Steve Feller

The latest discoveries from the Eastern European Ghettos of World War II

Spectacular new discoveries from the World War II ghettos of Eastern Europe are lavishly illustrated and placed in context.  Highlights include but certainly are not limited to a contemporary 2 mark counterfeit and error coin from Lodz ghetto, new paper finds from Theresienstadt, previously unreported scrip from the Warsaw ghetto, etc!


Shawn Hewitt

Before there were Stars

This is an in‑depth look at the production of type note replacements at the BEP before star notes were introduced in 1910.  Many of these non-star replacement notes can be distinguished.  All are rare, so learn how to spot them.


Peter Huntoon

Civil War Money

Ever wonder how all the new government paper money issued by both the Union and Confederacy fit into the big picture?  Just on the U. S. side there were demand notes, legal tender notes, interest bearing notes, national bank notes, postage currency and fractional currency?  The Confederates had their own suite of notes.  Here’s the answer!


Lee Lofthus

The 1928E Note ‑ King of the $1 Silver Certificates

$1 1928E silver certificates were a transitional design that bridged the Series of 1928 and 1934 silver certificates and are highly prized because they are rare.  They were players in the dramatic effort of FDR and his New Deal Treasury to pull the nation out of the Great Depression.  Discover their role and meet the great men behind them.


Ali Mehilba

Replacement notes from around the World

The author of the newest and most definitive catalog of replacement and star notes produced by nations from across the globe will show you how to recognize and evaluate them.  Replacement notes are substitutes for misprints caught during the manufacturing process in order to maintain counts.


Fred Schwan

Collecting United States Savings Bonds

The Treasury Department issued bonds in series A through K, 1935‑2011. Many of the issues are rare, most are little known by collectors, and all are interesting. Fred has been collecting these bonds for two decades and has lots to tell you about them including many collecting secrets.


Neil and Joel Shafer

Money of the People

Witness some of the most compelling and historically significant tales of how everyday people were forced to create their own paper money in order to survive.  Fabulous illustrations.


Tom Snyder

Life & Commerce on the Mississippi River, the upper half

Investigate the rich history of the discovery of the Mississippi River by De Soto, the search for the river=s source, then float downstream visiting national bank note-issuing ports from Bemidji, Minnesota to Rock Island, Illinois.


Roger Urce and Howard Daniel

Currency of French Indochina as influenced by World War II.

French Indochina was comprised of present day Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam prior to World War II.  The war brought not only geopolitical upheaval, but fiscal restructuring as well.  The many and varied currency issues of the era will be placed into the historic context of the war.


Wendall Wolka

Enemy at the Gates ‑ Civil War Scrip Issuers of New Orleans 1861‑1862

This is a fascinating story about the efforts of the City of New Orleans to redeem scrip issues from over 125 concerns in the city immediately after the city was captured by Union naval forces in late April, 1862.


Jamie Yakes

Collecting Series of 1934 $5 Silver Certificates

Discover the ins and outs of collecting this fascinating series of notes.  Explore what's common and rare, and why.  Learn the varieties, how to identify them, and why they exist.  See why collecting them is such a great challenge and so rewarding.


Event Date: 
Friday, June 13, 2014 to Saturday, June 14, 2014
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255 N. Main Room TBD
38103 Memphis , TN
United States
Tennessee US