Dean Oakes

Year of Induction: 

Dean Oakes began his collecting hobby, starting with coins in 1949 when he was 13. He along with two partners opened A&A Coins in 1962 and became the sole owner in 1965. In 1972, he joined with long-time partner, John Hickman and they conducted 38 auctions sales under the banner of Hickman-Oakes from 1976-1989. He authored "Iowa Obsolete Notes and Scrip" in 1982, one of the first books in the Wismer series of the SPMC. He was co-author with John Hickman of the book "Standard Catalog of United States National Bank Notes" in 1982 and co-authored the "Standard Guide to Small-Size United States Paper Money 1928-date."  Mr. Hickman is member number 1322 of the SPMC. He served as President from 1995-1997; Vice-President 1993-1995; Governor 1981-1999 and Treasurer from 1986-1993. For his efforts, the SPMC award him an Award of Merit in 1982 and a literary award in 1994.