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Inducted in: 2018

Hugh Shull

Hugh is a world renowned dealer, author and expert in the field of United States Obsolete and Confederate Currency for over 40 years. He is Life Member #6 of the SPMC.

Inducted in: 2018

Neil Shafer

Neil is SPMC member #681. He has received many awards from the Society including the Nathan Gold Award in 1967.  He is one of the worlds’ top authors and researchers for paper money. He was integral in assisting in developing the Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money.  Neil joined the Air Force Orchestra, based in Washington, DC.

Inducted in: 2018

Matthew (Matt) Herman Rothert

Matt is SPMC member #166. He served as on the SPMC board of governors from 1967-1969. He received two awards of merit and the Nathan Gold Award in 1964. He is best known for his efforts to have the motto "In God We Trust" put on our currency, a project he began in November 1953 and which he shephered through Congress until President Eisenhower signed it into law on July 11, 1955.

Inducted in: 2018

Martin Delger

Martin is SPMC member #4762. He served the Society as governor from 1982-1984 and was awarded the Nathan Goldstein award for recruitment three times. He also served as the exhibit chairman for the Internation Paper Money Show in both Memphis and Kansas City for many years only having retired this year. He was a collectors of Michigan Nationals and Fractional Currency.

Inducted in: 2017

Daniel Valentine

Dr. Daniel Webster Valentine began collecting while working as a clerk in his father's general store in Englewood, NJ.  He joined the New York Numismatic Club shortly after it was formed and was appointed as chairman of the paper money and publications committee in 1913.  The committee was charged with developing a comprehensive list of postage and fractional currency. 

Inducted in: 2017

Chuck O'Donnell

Mr. O'Donnell was member SPMC #3473. He served as SPMC governor from 1967-1981.  He was awarded a president;s award of merit and the Nathan Gold award in 1980. He was a co-author of the Standard Handbook of Modern United States Paper Money first published in 1968.

Inducted in: 2017

Judith Murphy

One of the true grande dames of currency, Judith with her husband Claud were stalwarts for the SPMC. She served the society relentlessly for many years.

Inducted in: 2017

Carlton Frederick "Fred" Schwan

An avid collector, author and researcher of MPC, Mr. Schwann formed the BNR press in 1977. He has authored numerous articles and reference books on MPC and military currency solo and in partnership with Joe Boling. Mr. Schwan and Mr. Boling write a monthly column in Paper Money "Uncoupled" that has been voted the favorite column by readers.

Inducted in: 2017

Joseph E. "Joe" Boling

Mr. Boling holds SPMC member #3967. An avid collector of paper money specializing in Japanese and worldwide counterfeit currency, he is frequent presenter on the topic. He was awarded the Stephen Taylor Best in Show exhibit award in 1982. He has authored many articles and books on MPC and military currency solo and with his partner Fred Schwan. He and Mr.

Inducted in: 2016

Raphael Prosper Thian

Served as chief clerk with adjutant general of the United States 1861 to 1865.  He was the author of Currency of the Confederates States in 1884 that was illustrated with actual Confederate bank notes from his collection. His currency collection was sold at auction by David Proskey January 15, 1885