Paper Money - Vol. I, No. 1 - Whole No. 1 - Winter 1962

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A New World of Currency N nieuPW4,-,. 4er' • rt) 11111111r111114Yi (14 P ezA, 1111.411WW/Mlif Wt4C7 1Y Paper Motet/ DEVOTED TO THE STUDY OF CURRENCY WINTER 1962 no OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF society of Paper ittone9 Cellecter4 itYAVAMMY.:11.-AtItItIMACY.:1?..M.:1?...11.:11..M.:IMMANYAMMAMMWMAa (blank page) PPO THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Welcome to our new Society! Long an elusive dream, the Society of Paper Money Collectors is now a reality. Conceived at the 1961 A.N.A. convention last August, the Society has grown to the present membership of 343. The "Poor relation" of numismatics has finally begun to -walk." Last week a merger between the Society of Paper Money Collectors and the World Paper Money Collectors was consummated. This merger is not , as yet , reflected in our membership rolls. I am quite sure many more members may be counted as a result of this merger. This your Society. What it can and will be depends upon you. No one per- son can do it alone. Much has already been accomplished. Much more needs to be done. Our aims are presented elsewhere in the journal. How success- ful we are will be the direct result of the efforts we spend in attempting to reach these goals. This can, indeed, be a "New World of Currency." HANK BIECIUK President, Society of Paper Money Collectors ado (blank page) 0.01' $-' apelg VOLUME 1 WINTER 1962 NUMBER 1 PUBLISHED QUARTERLY BY THE SOCIETY OF PAPER MONEY COLLECTORS Editor Hank Bieciuk Assistant Editors Foster W. Rice, Arlie Slabaugh, Fred R. Marckhoff, C. J. Af fleck, Dwight L. Musser Subscription $3.00 Per Year ADVERTISING RATES One Time Yearly Outside Rear Cover $35.00 $130.00 Inside Front & Rear Cover 32.50 120.00 Full Page 27.50 100.00 Half Page 17.50 60.00 Quarter Page 10.00 35.00 Direct Advertising to the Editor. The Right Is Reserved to Reject Any Advertisement. CONTENTS President's Message, by Hank Bieciuk PAGE 1 Officers, Directors, Appointees PAGE 4 Constitution and By-Laws PAGE 5-6 Book Reviews PAGE 6 "Underdog" Status of Paper Money, by Fred Marckhoff PAGE 7 Foreign Paper Money Classics, by Dwight Musser PAGE 7 Roster of Charter Members PAGE 8-16 society of Paper !Roney Cellectem OFFICERS — 1962 President Hank Bieciuk First Vice President James J. Curto Second Vice President Thomas C. Bain Secretary George W. Wait Treasurer Glenn B. Smedley APPOINTEES — 1962 Historian-Curator Earl Hughes Attorney Ellis Edlowitz BOARD OF GOVERNORS — 1962 Julian Blanchard, Harold L. Bowen, Ben Douglas, Amon G. Carter, Jr., Philip H. Chase, James Kirkwood, Walter M. Loeb, Dwight L. Musser, Eric P. Newman, William A. Philpott, Jr., Peter Robin. VOL. 1 Paper Mehey PAGE 5 TENTATIVE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF THE SOCIETY OF PAPER MONEY COLLECTORS ARTICLE I Name, Purpose & Society Year Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Society of Paper Money Collectors. Section 2. The purpose of the Society shall be a. To promote and stimulate the study and collec- tion of paper money. b. To cultivate fraternal collector relations. c. To encourage research and articles pertaining thereto. d. To disperse information and knowledge in a society bulletin. e. To advance interest and prestige. f. To promote meetings at conventions. g. To promote and encourage distinct classifica- tions at exhibits. h. To endeavor to determine values. Section 3. The fiscal year of the Society shall be from January 1st of one year through December 31st of the same year. ARTICLE II Membership and Dues Section 1. The Society shall be composed of Regular members. Section 2. Any individual over 18 years of age and of good moral character and reputation, who is interested in paper money as related to numismatics, shall be eligible for Regular Membership. Section 3. Application for Membership shall be made on forms prescribed by the Society and each applicant shall be proposed by a member in good standing. Section 4. Applications, together with the proper amount of the initiation fee and 1 year dues, shall be sent to the Secretary who, if he finds no objection to admitting the applicant, shall issue the proper form of membership card. Should the Secretary have reason to question the admission of any applicant to Membership, the application of said applicant will be submitted to the Governing Board for final decision. Section 5. The initiation fee for Membership shall be $1.00 and subject to change by a majority vote of the Gov- erning Board. Section 6. The Annual Dues for Regular Member- ship shall be $3.00 for the Society year and subject to change by a majority vote of the Governing Board. They shall be payable in advance. Section 7. Members dropped for Non-payment of Dues may be reinstated by the payment of the current year dues, plus one half year's back dues. Section 8. Any member violating these By-Laws or committing any unfair or unethical act in his dealings with fellow Numismatists or against this or other Numismatic Organizations shall by a majority vote of the Governing Board, be expelled from Membership. Such action shall not be taken by the Board however without first notifying the accused in writing of the complaint against him and allow- ing the accused a period of 30 days to present in writing such evidence and/or arguments as may be desired in defense, for consideration by the Board. All complaints are to be submitted to the Board in writing and signed by the complainant. Section 9. No debts shall be contracted by the Society without the approval of a majority of the Governing Board. ARTICLE III Officers—Governors—Governing Board Section 1. The Society shall have a President, 2 Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and twelve (12) member Board of Governors. Section 2. The Officers and Board Members shall constitute the Governing Board. Section 3. The Members of the Board shall be elected from the Membership-at-Large by a majority vote of So- ciety Members in attendance at a general meeting of the Society—a total of 14 shall be elected. Section 4. The President and Vice President shall be elected by the Board of Governors from among its own members. Section 5. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by all of the Officers and the Board of Governors from the Membership-at-Large. Section 6. The Officers and the Board of Governors shall have the usual duties delegated to their respective offices to conduct the affairs of the Society and shall serve without compensation, except as may be authorized by the Governing Board. Section 7. All Officers and Governors shall be elected for a period of 2 fiscal years of the Society on a basis that elections to the Board of Governors shall be staggered, 6 elected one years and 6 elected the following year, to allow for a continued personnel carry over in the administration of the Society. Section 8. All Officers and Governors must be mem- bers of good standing in the Society. Section 9. The President shall preside at all meetings and generally supervise all matters of business or of inter- est to the Society. In the absence of the President at any meeting, the next highest officer present shall preside. ARTICLE IV Committees and Other Required Personnel Section 1. The President may appoint such commit- tees as he deem necessary or proper for the conduct of the p ff airs of the Society. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE PAGE 6 Paper litene9 VOL. 1 CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS CONT'D FROM PAGE 3 Section 2. The President may appoint with the ap- proval of the Board of Governors, other personnel to posts required in the Society such as Editor, Historian, Curator, or other, as may be designated by the Board as necessary. ARTICLE V Incorporation and Affiliation Section 1. The Society shall be incorporated. Section 2. The Society shall maintain continuous af- filiation in the American Numismatic Association. ARTICLE VI Meetings and Conventions Section I. The Society of Paper Money Collectors shall meet in Convention each year during the time and at the place of the Annual Convention of the American Numismatic Association. Section 2. The Officers and Board of Governors shall meet in open session during said convention to conduct the affairs of the Society. Section 3. Special Meetings of the Officers and Board of Governors can be called by the President when such a meeting in his opinion is considered necessary. Section 4. A majority of those voting on any issue or affair of the Society shall be the governing factor. Section 5. Members of the Board of Governors and the Officers of the Society shall each have one vote on any and all issues put to a vote. Section 6. The following order of business is included herein as a guide and convenience only. It is to be flexible for application as conditions warrant. 5. Acceptance and approval of the reports of the Sec- retary. 6. Acceptance and approval of the reports of the Treasurer. 7. Reading and acceptance of resignations. 8. Communications. 9. Unfinished business. 10. New Business A. Report of Committees. B. Meeting plans for future conventions. C. Other Business. D. Election of Officers for ensuing year. 11. Introduction and Installation of New Officers. 12. Opportunity to present any new business to or by the new Officers. 13. Appointment of Committees. 14. Adjournment. ARTICLE VII Governing Board—Committees Section 1. It shall be the duty and responsibility of all members of the Governing Board and Committee per- sonnel to keep paramount, the purpose and objectives of this Society and to devote their energies to the accomplish- ment of these aims. ARTICLE VIII Amendments 1. Call to order. Section 1. These By-Laws may be altered or amended. 2. Reading of minutes of last meeting. Section 2 Alternations or amendments to these By-3. Introducion of visitors or celebrities. Laws shall be by vote of the Officers and Governors of this 4. Report of officers. Society. A majority of those voting shall alter or amend. Book Reviews TEXAS CONFEDERATE COUNTY NOTES AND PRIVATE SCRIP, by Hank Bieciuk and H. G. "Bill" Cor- bin, 1961. Published by the authors, 112 pp., stiff paper covers, 171 illus., $2.95. Quoting from the introduction, "While the field of obsolete currency has grown by leaps and bounds during the past few years, the growth of information on this sub- ject has been noticeably negligible. This book, by no means complete, represents the first complete listing of all known Texas county, city and private scrip notes." The above statement is true, in spite of at least two books and the listing of notes by states in several magazines during the last five years. The authors have cataloged notes of ninety-one counties, five cities, and fifty-five individuals and business firms, with rarity indication of each and illustrations of many. Pricing is accomplished by giving a price range for each rarity number—thus rarity 3 is priced at $7.50 to $10.00, while rarity 10 (the scarcest) is $50 to $150. Possibly to satisfy those who look at the ending of a book before reading the contents, the rarity listing is on the final printed page. This book is a real contribution to the literature on what may be termed "necessity" money of the Civil War period. Those interested in paper money, Americana, and the history of Texas should acquire the book, but with the knowledge that it does not include issues of the Republic and State of Texas—Glenn S. CRISWELL'S CURRENCY SERIES, VOLUME II, CONFEDERATE AND SOUTHERN STATE BONDS, by Grover C. Criswell, Jr., and Clarence L. Criswell, 1961, illustrated, $10.00. Collectors of "fiscal paper" of the Confederacy and Southern States, and students of the Civil War period in general will welcome this new book. It is well known that Criswell's has been acquiring such material and compiling related information for quite a few years. Since records relating to the financial operations of the Confederacy are CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 VOL. 1 Paper iitene9 PAGE 7 "Underdog" Status of Paper Money, by Fred Marckhoff EXHIBITS AT CONVENTIONS This status of being an "underdog" is nothing new to the collector of paper money. It is evident at the meetings of the coin club, where he is usually outnumbered by 20 to I, or even more. It is evident in the stocks of dealers, many of whom handle no paper money of any kind. So it is only natural that the same sort of condition exists when a paper money collector brings his collection for exhibit at a convention. Seldom granted more than one category in spite of the many classifications, each type of paper money must com- pete against the other. Judging must be made among dis- similar objects, rather than similar ones. Is an excellent display of greenbacks better than an excellent display of colonials, or obsolete notes, or fractional currency? How is the decision made? Is it based on the monetary value of the material? Is it based on the gaudy, multi-colored beauty of the material? Or is it based on the judge's experience and appreciation of one type of paper currency more than another? All of these factors as well as others must enter into the judging picture, false as they are, if the usual normal processes of comparing like objects cannot be fol- lowed. The second downgrading of a paper currency exhibit occurs in the usual actions of the judges through no per- sonal fault of their own. To begin with, they are almost exclusively coin collectors, with the exceptions of the A. N. A. convention and the larger regional conventions. His general experience in coins is presumed to be sufficient to get by in the usual one category of paper money, despite his almost total lack of knowledge on this subject. To many, and possibly the judge himself, this single category of "Paper Money" is a relatively unimportant category anyway. How could he appreciate or even understand the numis- matic value of a collection of paper 25 years in the making and perhaps complete, or almost complete, if he does not appreciate or understand the material itself? To such a judge a few rare large gold coins would no doubt receive a higher grading in his rating system. Perhaps the inclusion of points for the completeness of a collection in its own field would mean a fairer break to the really hard-to-put- together collection. It would be a necessity if the Paper Money exhibit is ever going to win a Best of Show Award. It would also eliminate the possibility of 7 or 8 coins from one country, attractively presented, from winning over an uncirculated complete set of Liberty Standing quarters, the former collected in a few years at most, the latter at least a ten year collecting effort. This actually occurred at one of the conventions. Because of the diversified nature of the problem, con- cerned as it is with many different people in many differ- ent places, its remedy is not an easy one. In addition to increasing the number of paper money categories, another corrective approach could be attained if certain experts in each field, including Paper Money, were appointed Certified or Approved A. N. A. Judges, qualified to judge in their category at any Convention they attend. It would immediately improve the uniformity and standard of the Awards, and give a prestige to the Con- vention itself. It would be a definite boon to Paper Money collectors as "one of their own" would be judging their exhibits. Perhaps an even more satisfactory solution would be a "Paper Money Convention." An ultimate goal of unre- stricted exhibit space for paper money collectors should be not considered unreasonable. It may become a reality within the next five years, now that our Society is organ- ized and makes this one of our eventual aims. What a thrill to the specialist it would be to see 5 or more of the best collections of their specialty on exhibit, be it fractional currency, greenbacks, colonials, obsolete notes, foreign notes, military scrip, etc., on display at the same time and place. How soon will these possible goals be reached? Foreign Paper Money Classics, by Dwight Musser The word classic can be used in different ways, as can many other words in the English Language. It is used here, as one dictionary puts it, to mean "of the highest order." In the fields of literature, architecture and art, as well as in philatelics and numismatics, there are some generally accepted classics which are well known to those intimately acquainted with the subjects and to some extent to the public. Since the systematic collection and study of foreign paper money has become a recognized branch of numis- matics, it would seem appropriate that some steps be taken to define and recognize the classics in this area. This is not to imply that some expert or official com- mittee be commissioned to formulate a list of foreign paper money classics. Classics in any field are not proclaimed, dictated, legislated or decreed, but rather they earn the status of a classic by what they are and how they are accepted, respected and remembered. Time is almost always an element in determining a classic. It would be unwise to hastily recognize some classics in a field that was in its infancy. (Sometimes classics are the first of their kind, but in many cases their significance is not grasped until the passage of time has emphasized their importance.) But sufficient time has elapsed to at least suggest that some "high order" specimens of foreign paper money are worthy of consideration as either being or becoming classics. Extensive knowledge is another factor that cannot be overlooked. This simply means that many people must have CONTINUED NEXT PAGE PAGE 8 Paper 1ltene9 VOL. 1 FOREIGN PAPER MONEY, CONT'D FROM PG. 7 a wide acquaintance with a subject before attempting to decide which works or objects are of the highest order. Without suggesting that either individually or collectively everything is known about foreign paper money, it does seem that enough is known to begin at least selecting some candidates for the world paper money hall of fame. Foreign paper money classics would not necessarily be selected or recognized on the basis of their appearance or craftsmanship. It is possible that a note might become a classic because of some unusually striking design, but not likely as this is primarily a matter of individual taste. There are so many notes that are skillfully engraved and beautifully printed that classic craftsmanship is common- place. It could be pointed out here that the great philatelic classic, the unique British Guiana stamp, is about as unattractive to the eye as anything could be. What, then, is involved in considering some classics in the field of foreign paper money? Certainly historical im- portance would be one thing. Some of the extremes might be another—extremes in size, denomination, age or perhaps in design. It should be emphasized that a classic is not nec- essarily a rarity, but a rarity most likely will be a classic. And it is here, in determining which foreign bills are the most rare, that collectors can do the most, working together, to find out which notes should be considered classics because of rarity. This should not be a laborious process of taking endless counts and inventories. Actually it should be a lot of fun. Why cannot we begin by having collectors list what they think are some of their rarest notes? The list should be small, say not over three items, consist- ing of the notes the collector believes to be the rarest in his collection. These nominations could be compiled and circu- lated among several of the most knowledgeable students of foreign paper money. They would doubtless recognize some as obviously not rare and could so indicate. The list should contain some however that would be likely prospects for highest honors. An all out attempt could then be made to publicize the candidates and to challenge the entire numismatic field to prove that the selections are not truly rare. This process should result in discovering what are some genuinely rare specimens and would probably reveal the existence of a few unique notes as well. If this sounds like something worthy of our time and energy, if you would like to see such a project carried out, let your wishes, as well as your suggestions be known. —Dwight L. Musser BOOK REVIEWS, CONT'D FROM PG. 6 incomplete and often vague, a careful study of the extant bonds was of prime importance in compiling such a book. Besides a 310-page descriptive and illustrated listing of the bonds of the Confederacy (including four counterfeit and one bogus), bonds of twelve southern states, the Terri- tory of Florida and the Republic of Texas, the book con- tains a two-page preface and five pages of color plates of typical bonds. Each bond listed is given a rarity number and current market values are furnished on a supplemental sheet. The book is printed on high-quality paper and has durable and attractive board covers. Illustrations are large enough to permit reading nearly all the text of most bonds. This reviewer notes one technical error which does not detract from the value of the book. In frequent cases, a simple framed portrait on a bond is referred to as a "vignettte," which Webster defines as "any picture which shades off gradually." We are pleased to note that most portraits are identified and the producers of the bonds named.—Glenn S. Reprinted from The Numismatist. Roster of Charter Members A No. Name and Address Dealer or Collector Specialty 190 Addkison, W. E., 626 Chickasaw Avenue, Jackson 6, Mississippi C CSA, Southern State and Obsolete Bank Notes 150 Affleck, Charles J., 34 Peyton Street, Winchester, Vir- ginia C Colonial, Continental, Broken Bank, CSA and Southern State Notes and Bonds 263 Allen, Peter N., 3357, Roxanne Avenue, Long Beach 8, California C U.S. Notes, Especially Fractionals 75 Altz, Charles G., 540 Ocean Avenue, Jersey City 5, N. J. C Japanese and Jeresy City Notes 319 Anderson, Arnold R., 2314 Irving Avenue, Tucson, Ari- zona C Chinese Bank Notes 298 Anderson, Ben 0., 181 Garfield Avenue, Elmhurst, Illinois C CSA Notes 208 Anselm, R. Harvey, P. 0. Box 3033, S. E. Station, Wichita 18, Kansas C-D Mexico—Revolutionary 189 Anton, William T., 42 Main Street, Lodi, New Jersey C U.S. Currency 307 Ashmore, Marvin D., 2215 Clay Street, Kilgore, Texas C C.S.A. 335 Atsmony, David, 3 Hakerem Street, Tel Aviv, Israel C World War II, Russia, Poland, Baltic States and Finland CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Paper Money PAGE 9VOL. 1 B 120 Bach, Alfred D., 18 Irving Avenue, Natick, Massa- chusetts 199 Bailey, Joseph D., 279 Elm Street, Wequetequock, West- erly, Rhode Island 112 Bain, Thomas C., 3717 Marquette Drive, Dallas 25, Texas 333 Ballard, John H., 10340 Bogardus Avenue, Whittier, California 299 Barnes, S. M., 1205 Sherwin, Chicago 26, Illinois 230 Batchelder, Edgar M., Box 895, Salem, Massachusetts 182 Bazar, Welsey R., R. D. No. 3, Pine Grove Pennsylvania 275 Beard, Aaron Bernarr, 2048 La Cresta Drive, Salt Lake City 17, Utah 164 Beatty, Lester G., R.F.D. 2, La Moille, Illinois 192 Bebee, Aubrey E., 4514 North 30th Street, Omaha 11, Nebraska 67 Bell, Edward K., 410 South First Street, Smithfield, N. C. 270 Bennett, Herbert, 404 Lyle Street, Winnipeg 12, Mani- toba, Canada 324 Benson, Lauren, 511 Putnam Building, Davenport, Iowa 42 Bertschy, A. P., 4117 North Newhall Street, Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin 243 Bess, George W., 2416 Greenlawn Blvd., Mishawaka, Indiana 1 Bieciuk, Hank, P. 0. Box 1235, Kilgore, Texas 328 Blackman, Maurice E., Box 236, Morrisville, New York 4 Blanchard, Dr. Julian, 1 Sheridan Square, New York 14, New York 218 Bookman, Leon H., 719 East Upsal Street, Philadelphia 19, Penna. 40 Bowen, Harold L., 818 Lawrence Avenue, Detroit 2, Michigan 309 Brady, B. R., 1802 Texas Avenue, Lubbock, Texas 220 Brand, Norman, Box 9727, Washington 16, D. C. 321 Brandt, Richard D., 452 Sutton Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 225 Bright, E. H., Jr., 237 Mullin Street, Watertown, New York 323 Brooks, T. Homer, 1206 - 8th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 128 Broughton, George E., 909 Chamberlin Court, New Haven, Indiana 61 Brown, James A., 227 Waverly Avenue, Newark 8, New Jersey 86 Brown, John McKnight, 14 Tisdale Ave., New Hartford, New York 224 Brown, Vernon L., Curator, Museum of Moneys of the World, 1254 Avenue of the Americas, New York 20, New York 175 Buckingham, B. R., 205 3rd Street West, Kalispell, Montana 237 Bullowa, Catherine, Room 1006, 1616 Walnut Street, Philadelphia 3, Penna. 159 Bulls, Albert C., Jr., Box 1199, Tuskegee Institute, Ala. 92 Burgett, Maurice M., New Douglas, Illinois 54 Burrows, Roswell, 1657 Brockway St., Saginaw, Mich- igan 217 Butterfield, Clifford A., 359 Arlington Street, Water- town, New York 274 Byckoff, Michael M., P. 0. Box 90, Bryte, California C 223 Caddick, Dr. R. P., 1101 Maine Street, Quincy, Illinois 126 Cady, Fred, 13000 North Bayshore Drive, North Miami 61, Florida 127 Came, Melvin E., 4 Hillcrest Drive, Dover, New Hamp- shire 246 Cameron, Monroe, 530 Oak, Ardmore, Oklahoma 177 Cameron, 0., Box 881, Ardmore, Oklahoma 101 Campbell, Mrs. Louise M., King William County, Enfield, Virginia 256 Carlson, N. F., 2523 West Fourth Street, Williamsport, Penna. 204 Carroll, C. Paul, 4512 - 15th Avenue South, Minneapolis 7, Minnesota C-D Early Scrip and Odd Denomination Notes C Obsoletes, Broken Bank Notes, Uncut Sheets C Collector of U.S. and World War II Currency C Sheets of Broken Bank Notes C Small Silver Certificates and F. R. Notes up to $20 C C Foreign Paper Money C Early Bank Notes C National Bank Notes C-D U.S. and Obsolete Notes C N. C. Colonial and Broken Bank Notes C World War II, China, General D C U.S. C-D U.S. D Obsolete Notes C General C Paper Money and Stamps with Similar De- signs C U.S. and Confederates C-D State Bank Notes of Michigan C Canadian, Mexican, Central and South Am- erican, British and Possessions C U.S. Large and Small Size Notes C All Paper Money D C U.S. Currency C International Numismatic Specimens C Numismatic Research C U.S. Currency and Coins C U.S. Small Notes D U.S. Foreign and Ancient Coins and U.S. Currency C-D C Obsolete Currency, Territorial and Western C Michigan National Bank Notes C-D U.S. and Fractional C Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland C U.S. C Everything C-D Canadian Legal Tender and Obsolete Notes C U.S. Currency C C C All C U.S. Paper Money and Silver Dollars PAGE 10 Paper 4tone9 VOL. 1 271 Carroll, Major Sheldon S., 28 Doug Smith Drive, Hali- fax, Nova Scotia Canadian Broken Bank Notes and Canadian Merchants Notes 320 Carter, Amon, Jr., Star Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas U.S. Currency 273 Case, Charles N., 2847 Sullivant Avenue, Columbus 4, Ohio World and Type Set of Small Size U.S. 210 Castrovinci, Lawrence, 28 Bridge Street, Montgomery, New York Coins and Currency 79 Chase, Philip H., A-221 Thomas Wynne Apts., Wynne- wood, Penna. U.S. Fractionals, CSA, Broken Bank Bills of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont 191 Cohen, Arthur D., Suite 103, E and B Bldg., 39 State U.S. Fractional Currency Street, Rochester 14, New York 261 Coker, Jr. R., Box 8846, Mitchellville, Tennessee C-D Small Size U.S. Notes 302 Colangelo, Thomas, 464 East 9th Street, Brooklyn 18, New York C Foreign 334 Conter, Charles, R. R. No. 1, Peosta, Iowa C World War II Occupational and Military 103 Cook, Byron W., P. 0. Box 181, Jackson, Mississippi D Coins and Currency 165 Cook, L. A., 460 Moreland Way, Hapeville, Georgia C Obsolete and Broken Bank Bills 6 Corbin, H. G. (Bill) ), 400-A W. Rusk, Tyler, Texas C-D 22 Comely, Robert W., 4221 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville 7, Florida C Georgia Obsolete Notes 342 Criswell, Col. Grover C., Jr., P. 0. Box 6508, Pass-A- C-D CSA and Southern States Grille Branch, St. Petersburg Beach 41, Florida 202 Currier, Dr. Rober D., 828 Adkins, Jackson, Mississippi C Paper Money of World War II 2 Curto, James J., 770 Lincoln Road, Grosse Pointe 30, Michigan C D 121 Daniel, Forrest W., Sykeston, North Dakota C U.S. Currency and North Dakota National Bank Notes 116 Davey, Dean S., Box 1515, Avalon, California C All 341 Davis, Roy B., 3320 Cornelia Drive, Louisville 20, Ken- tucky C CSA, U.S., Odd Denominations 221 DeMay, Lester B., 10729 Dalton Avenue, Tampa 4, Florida C World Wide 326 Dershem, Marvin R., Jr., 1936 North 9th Street, Grand C General Junction, Colorado 60 Dickson, Robert H., 5124 Evergreen Drive, North Olm- sted, Ohio C Broken Bank Notes 39 Dillistin, William H., The Alexander Hamilton, Paterson C Altered Obsolete Bank Notes 12, New Jersey 249 Dodrill, Gordon, 2225 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh 10, Pennsylvania C U.S. Large and Fractional Currency, CSA, Broken Banks, Foreign 74 Donlon, William P., P. 0. Box 144, Utica, New York C-D U.S. Currency-Large, Small, Fractional 179 Dooley, James F., R. R. No. 2, Box 284, Blue Springs, Missouri C Fractional Currency 80 Douglas, B. M., 402 - 12th Street N.W., Washington 4, D. C. D All Paper Money except Foreign E 196 Eccleston, Dr. Herbert, 124 Elm Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey C Obsolete Notes 82 Edlowitz, Ellis, 1010 Vermont Avenue N.W., Washing- ton 5, D. C. C D. C., Maryland, Virginia Obsolete Paper Money 72 Edwards, W. H., 711 Brush Creek Blvd., Kansas City 10, Missouri C Mint Errors and Paper Money 232 Egerton, Benjamin G., 407 Gittings Ave., Baltimore 12, Maryland C Maryland Items 284 Engen, John M., Box 315, Thompson Falls, Montana C U.S. 231 Erickson, Alexander H., 3125 North 49th Street, Mil- waukee 16, Wisconsin C U.S. and Confederate Currency 131 Espenschied, K. D., 237 West Front St., Dover, Ohio C U.S. Gold, U.S. Currency 158 Everest, Ethie P., 10622 Dunaway Drive, Dallas 28, Texas F 21 Falkenberg, Kingsley, 214 Riverside Drive, Apt. 1-E, New York 25, New York C-D Foreign Paper Money 336 Feist, Adolf, 777 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, New C York 65 Feldman, Aaron R., 1200 Avenue of the Americas, New C-D York 36, New York 222 Felton, Ivan L., Box 1559, Anchorage, Alaska C All U.S. Coins and Currency 330 Ferguson, Lewis K., 612 South Moore Street, Algona, Iowa C Iowa Obsolete Bank Notes 145 Fleshood, H. B., 11 North Robinson Street, Richmond, Virginia C CSA, Broken Bank and Southern State Notes 215 Flower, Harry, 5200 West Harrison St., Chicago 44, C All Except Foreign Illinois Paper i1tefte9 PAGE 11VOL. 1 278 Ford, John J., Jr., 176 Hendrickson Ave., Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York 13 Forman, Harry J., Box 5756, Philadelphia 30, Pennsyl- vania 43 Freeman, Harley L., 353 South Atlantic Avenue, Ormond Beach, Florida 57 Freese, George L., 274 Granville Road, North Granby, Connecticut 30 Friedberg, Robert, 134 West 32nd Street, New York 1, New York 125 Fox, Merral A., 3801 W. Belvidere Avenue, Baltimore 15, Maryland 248 Gartner, John, 15 Guildford Lane, Melbourne C.1, Aus- tralia 239 Geden, Robert P., 1010 Ridge Court, New Milford, New Jersey 316 Gleason, Emerson M., 8 Kenneth Avenue, Apt. 101, Wil- lowdale, Ontario, Canada 242 Glose, Robert L., 701 Amberson Avenue, Pittsburgh 32, Penna. 340 Goldman, Charles F., 214 West 92nd St., New York 25, New York 133 Goldstein, Nathan II, P. 0. Box 36, Greenville, Miss- issippi 110 Gooding, H. W., M. D., 1001 West Third Street, Avden, North Carolina 69 Gould, Maurice M., Box 141, Chestnut Hill 67, Massa- chusetts 97 Grebinger, Jim, c/o Mid Harrison Hardware, 1109 W. Harrison Street, Chicago 7, Illinois 262 Green, William T., Keystone Hotel, 402 East Broadway, Alton, Illinois 268 Gudell, Tedor, R. R. No. 2, Box 246, Whitewater, Wis- consin 11 310 Haas, Charles S., 215 Liston Avenue, Wilmington 4, Delaware 123 Hamilton, J. Wayne, 1009 Edgmont Ave., Chester, Penna. 115 Hamrick, John B., Jr., P. 0. Box 1181, St. Augustine, Florida 206 Hanley, Torn, P. 0. Box 8043, Dallas 5, Texas 229 Hannabach, Joseph, Jr., 6025 North Third Street, Phila- delphia 20, Penna. 293 Hartline, Clifford, Amsden, Ohio 48 Harrison, William J., 466 Highland Ave., Orange, New Jersey 76 Hatch, Josiah 0., 520 East 45th Street, Savannah, Georgia 286 Hatcher, William C., P. 0. Box 839, Kinston, North Carolina 124 Hatie, George D., 1126 Whittier Road, Grosse Pointe Park 30, Michigan 156 Hayes, Francis J., 813 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Wash- ington 4, D.C. 34 Heflin, John L., Jr., 1501 Grandview Drive, Nashville 12, Tennessee 50 Hegel, Arthur, P. 0. Box 959, Indio, California 265 Heinzle, Walter G., 413 Main Street, Tell City, Indiana 106 Helfer, Bernard L., 1701 Burnetta Street, Champaign, Illinois 272 Helmick, Thomas F., 7826, Teahen Road, Brighton, Michigan 77 Henderson, Warren S., Box 1358, Venice, Florida 130 Heston, Charles T., 135 Kensington Place, Syracuse 10, N. Y. 211 Hiebel, H. C., 4932 Karen Isle, Richmond Heights 24, Ohio 64 Hill, Fred J., 804 W. Diamond, Butte, Montana 276 Hoff, George T., Box 1761, Fargo, N. D. 325 Hoge, Donald B., 6680 Teller Street, Arvada, Colorado 267 Holtzman, Rudolph V., 303 Elm Street, Watsontown, Pennsylvania 240 Homan, Sam G., 166 Cornelia Street, Brooklyn 21, New York C-D Western Notes, Drafts, Scrip, Checks, War- rants D C Colonial Currency, Obsolete Paper Money and Scrip C U.S. Type Coins and Obsolete Paper Money D All Paper Money C-D Fractional Currency, Large Dollar Bills, Bro- ken Bank Notes C World Paper Money, Coins C-D Numismatic Errors, U.S. Coins and Currency C Foreign U.S. Currency C Fractional and National Currency, Etc. C U.S. Currency, Especially Rotary Press Notes C Gold and Paper Money C-D Early and Unusual Notes C Bank Notes C Large Size U.S. Notes C U.S. C All Paper Money, Coins and Stamps C U.S. Currency C Broken Bank Notes of Savannah, Georgia, and St. Augustine, Florida C Confederates C C All Paper Money C Obsolete Notes Engraved by Harrisons C Broken Bank Notes-Southern C Obsolete Notes C Colonial and Continental Currency, Frac- tional and Notes Bearing Washington's Por- trait C Paper Money, Modern U.S. Coins and Medals C CSA and Tennessee Obsolete Notes C U.S. Currency C U.S. C U.S. Currency C U.S. $1, $2, and $5 C-D $3 Notes, Proof Notes, Etc. C General C C Old Large Size U.S. Notes and Fractional Currency C-D Foreign Scrip C Foreign C U.S. and Foreign Currency C U.S. $1 - $10, Foreign, General PAGE 12 Paper Menet/ VOL. 1 C C C C C C C C C C-D C C-D C C C C C D C C C-D C C C-D D C C C C C C C C C C-D C C C C C C C C 88 Hopfenmaier, Lewis II, 3535 Chesapeake St., N.W., Washington 8, D.C. 7 Hughes, Brent H., 1816 Nealon Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 17 Hughes, Earl F., Route 2, Mitchell, Indiana 66 Hunter, Cornell C., 188 North High St., Chillicothe, Ohio 155 Hunter, Paul R., P. 0. Box 398, Greensburg, Kansas 233 Hurt, William P., 23 Kenmore Road, Indianapolis 19, Indiana 258 Hutchins, Rev. Frank H., 924 West End Avenue, New York 25, N..Y. J 149 Jackson, Virgil G., 94 West Water St., Beaver Dam, Wis- consin 134 Jacksonville Coin Club, 410 East Church Street, Jack- sonville 2, Florida 152 Jacobs, Arthur G., 34 Barbara Road, Dumont, New Jersey 38 Janney, Floyd 0., 205 Harrison Avenue, Waukesha, Wisconsin 83 Janusz, Stanley, 2429 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia 33, Pa. 136 Janzen, Edwin P., 2372 Palerno Drive, San Diego 6, California 10 Johnson, D. Wayne, 119 East Court St., Sidney, Ohio 19 Johnson, Ernest, 1816 North 5th Street, Sheboygan, Wisconsin 257 Jones, F. A., 8256 Middlepointe, Detroit 4, Michigan 117 Jones, Richard, 1412 Morningside St., S.E., Roanoke 13, Virginia 108 Jones, Robert E., Sr., 326 Second Avenue, Frankfort, N.Y. K 122 Kagin, A. M., 400 Royal Union Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa 329 Kanee, Abe, 99 St. Croix, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 100 Kaufmann, Carl P., Tribes Hill, N.Y. 135 Kauth, James P., 911 - 16th St. North, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 338 Keller, Dr. Arnold, Berlin-Wittenau, Triftstrasse 64, Germany 205 Keller, W. Philip, 122 Crestmont Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 236 Kennedy, Thomas H., Jr., Milford, N.Y. 114 Kemm, Theodore, 915 West End Avenue, New York 25, N.Y. 343 Kirkpatrick, Edward B., 407 South Grant, Bloomington, Indiana 148 Kirkwood, James, 4484 Douse Avenue, Cleveland 27, Ohio 200 Klein, Harold R., 405 Eighth Place, Hinsdale, Illinois 227 Kolosky, Stanley J., 237 East Kirwin, Salina, Kansas 283 Kopas, Joseph S., 9710 Rosewood Avenue, Cleveland 5, Ohio 95 Kopicki, I. T., 2242 Marshall Blvd., Chicago 23, Illinois 216 Kosior, John, 155 Blackstone Street, Fall River, Massa- chusetts 62 Kramer, Wayne F., 711 Frey Street, Box 271, Great Bend, Kansas 9 Krause, Chester L., Iola, Wisconsin 26 Krotz, Dick, 1482 East 133rd Street, Cleveland 12, Ohio L 254 Lake, John, P. 0. Box 719, Gary, Indiana 87 Laky, Leo, P. 0. Box 128, Reedsburg, Wisconsin 49 LaPierre, Lorenzo, 11181 South Corley Drive, Whittier, California 104 Lauer, Minerva M., 268 South Logan Ave., Audubon 6, New Jersey 322 Lawrence, Edward S., Jr., 111 Ridgehaven, San Antonio 9, Texas 291 Lawrence, Jimmie N., P. 0. Box 8113, Johannesburg, South Africa 119 LeBane, Ivor S., 14808 - 84th Avenue, Edmonton, Al- berta, Canada 144 Lentz, Mrs. J. F., 305 South Grove St., Marshall, Texas U.S., CSA, Obsolete Bank Notes CSA and Obsolete Bank Notes Obsolete Notes U.S. Paper Money Kansas National Bank Notes Confederate Currency Small Size U.S. Notes U.S. Currency & Wisconsin Broken Bank Notes CSA, Southern States and Broken Bank Notes All Coins and Paper Money U.S. Obsolete Notes U.S., CSA and Broken Bank Notes Numismatic Literature U.S. Currency—Wisconsin and Michigan Broken Bank Notes CSA and Virginia Notes U.S. Currency, U.S. and Foreign Coins Paper Money U.S. Notes, Obsolete N.Y., Military, Sutler, Scrip Currency of Caribbean, Israel and Baltic States All Paper Money, Literature U.S. Coins and Paper Money Foreign Foreign U.S. Sheets U.S. and Colonial Paper Money U.S. and Canadian Currency U.S. Large Size Notes National Bank Notes Civil War, CSA, Broken Banks and Terri- torials Wisconsin Notes U.S. and Obsolete Paper Money U.S. Paper U.S. Currency U.S. Coins and Currency World Canadian Paper Money (Legal Tender and Chartered Banks ) Republic and Government of Texas Notes VOL. 1 Paper /)tone, PAGE 13 109 Leonard, L. P., 249 Valley Road, Cos Cob, Connecticut 213 Lewis, Travis J., 1223 Briarwood Cr., Garland, Texas 51 Lieberman, Allan, 2197 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn 29, New York 295 Lipscomb, M. G., Jr., B121 Braniff Airways Building, Dallas 35, Texas 91 Littrell, Ernest J., P. 0. Box 426, Red Bank, New Jersey 41 Loeb, Walter M., M. D., 4568 E. Mercer Island, Wash- ington 12 Loewenstern, M. H., Box 9009, Amarillo, Texas 84 Logan, Bill, P. 0. Box 88086, Houston 4, Texas 180 Lovi, Art, 307 South Palafox, Pensacola, Florida 143 Lukas, Joe, 74 Monroe, Berea, Ohio 337 Luke, Henry Kenway, P. 0. Box 1295, Honolulu 7, Hawaii M 311 Mackenzie, C. F., 648 Bettery Street, Victoria, B.C., Canada 250 MacKewiz, Clyde F., P. 0. Box 292„ McKeesport, Pennsylvania 315 Mandel, Robert J., P. 0. Box 2037, Denver 1, Colorado 47 Marckhoff, Fred R., 552 Park Street, Elgin, Illinois 20 Marks, Julian S., 409 First National Bank Bldg., Cin- cinnati 2, Ohio 107 Mason, W. H., Kent Court Motel, Greensboro, North Carolina 303 Massaro, Joseph K., 185 Union Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 105 Matz, Arthur C., 3208 Dorithan Road, Baltimore 15, Maryland 186 Max, Joseph M., 1628 - 2nd Avenue, Conway, Pennsyl- vania 194 McBride, Milford L., 211 South Center Street, Grove City, Pa. 197 McCulloch, Lt. Claude C., U.S.N. Ret., 1166 North Orange Grove Avenue, Los Angeles 46, California 151 McDowell, Allen E., Route 1, Dublin, Ohio 297 McLemore, Charles W., 404 Seventh Ave., S.W., Decatur, Alabama 313 McLennan, L. M., 98 Dalewood Avenue, Hamilton, On- tario, Canada 139 McMahon, John M., 41-15 - 44th Street, Long Island City 4, N.Y. 161 McMullen, Dale E., 3117 Sloan Street, Flint 4, Michigan 162 McMullen, John A., 1 North Grand Street, Lewistown, Pennsylvania 167 Mefford, Ralph D., 436 West Adams St., Jacksonville 2, Florida 183 Melanson, J. Robert, 3810 Coleridge, Houston 5, Texas 241 Mero, Jules, 3330 Ridgewood Avenue, Montreal 26, Canada 244 Merritt, Lewie Griffith, Jr., 409 Security Federal Build- ing, Columbia, South Carolina 264 Miller, Mrs. Ina May, 108 Branchport Avenue, Long Branch, N. J. 269 Miller, John H., 513 North 12th, Independence, Kansas 98 Miller, Larry, M. D., North English, Iowa 294 Mishler, Clifford, P. 0. Box 187, Vandalia, Michigan 174 Mitchell, James, 711 Marietta Street, Booneville, Miss- issippi 70 Moose, William G., P. 0. Box 206, Benjamin Franklin Sta., Washington 4, D.C. 146 Moses, Sheldon L., 115 Main Street, Herkimer, N.Y. 185 Morris, Eugene, Box 207, Forest City, Iowa 277 Morris, John H., Jr., 411 Woodland Dr., Homewood 9, Alabama 46 Morris, Thomas F., 19 West Drive, Larchmont, New York 238 Morrison, Thomas A., 119 Glenn Avenue, Butler, Penn- sylvania 304 Mulford, Leslie, 1309 Potters Blvd., Bay Shore, New York 188 Murphy, Ronald M., P. 0. Box 31, Glenara, Illinois 288 Musser, Dwight L., Box 428, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida 212 Muzia, David, 161 Dunn Avenue, Stamford, Connecti- cut C-D Colonial Paper, New England Broken Bank Notes C-D $1 Notes C Large Size Notes C U.S. Currency C Gold Coins, Broken Bank Notes of New Jersey C All Paper Money—Foreign, U.S. and Can- adian C Large U.S. Currency C Money of the World C Miniatures C Obsolete Notes—Especially A.B.N. Co. C Foreign Bank Notes, Merchants Tokens C Obsolete Paper Money, Especially Westerns C U.S. Currency—Large and Fractional C All C World Wide C Latin American Paper Money C General C Commemoratives and National Bank Notes C U.S. General C Large Sized U.S. Currency C U.S. Small Size Notes, Alabama Broken Bank Bills, Coins C Canadian, U.S., England and Colonies D Foreign Bank Notes, Foreign Gold and Crowns C Large U.S. Bills C Foreign Paper Money D U.S. Notes C U.S. General, Including Coins C-D Canadians C South Carolina Broken Bank Notes, U.S. Currency, Southern States C U.S. Coins and Currency C U.S. C C-D Medals and Tokens C U.S.. CSA and Mississippi Paper Money C Notes with Unusual Serial Numbers D C-D U.S. Coins and Currency C U.S. Coins and Currency C U.S. Currency C Currency C Foreign, CSA, Broken Banks C Obsolete Bank Notes C-D Foreign Paper Money C U.S. Small Size Notes PAGE 14 Paper iltotte9 VOL. 1 N 96 Nathan, Gary E., 516 E. Capitol Ave., Springfield, Illinois 281 Naumann, Capt. Alvin E., 7000th Support Wing (USAFE), APO 57, New York, N.Y. 327 Nelson, Edward A., 219 East Madison Avenue, Dumont, N .J. 290 Newman, Eric P., 6450 Cecil Avenue, St. Louis 5, Missouri 234 Nixon, Clark E., Bank of Galesville, Galesville, Wisconsin 255 Norris, H. H., Box 305, Greendwood, Mississippi 0 18 Oechsner, Herbert M., 21 Stocker Road, Verona, New Jersey 36 O'Rear, Al D., 1218 Avondale Avenue, Atlanta 12, Georgia 27 Osborn, Ralph, Box 242, Raymondville, Texas 157 Oschman, Edward L., 135 Longvue Drive, Pittsburgh 37, Pennsylvania 193 Osum, C. Elizabeth, 418 Acorn Avenue, Telford, Penn- sylvania 78 Overlock, E. Burnell, 83 Oakdale Avenue, Pawtucket, R.I. P 209 Palmer, Richard D., 407 North Harlan Street, Algona, Iowa 296 Palumbo, Arthur R., 77 Pennwood Drive, South, Tren- ton 8, N.J. 68 Paxton, Kenneth T., 1217 Fawcett Ave., McKeesport, Penna. 287 Payne, Robert P., Rt. No. 1, Kernersville, North Car- olina 317 Peddie, J. Albert, 593 St. Clair Avenue West, Apt. 6, Toronto 10, Canada 8 Pennell, J. Roy, Jr., Box 858, Anderson, South Carolina 113 Perdue, M. Clay, 4428 Fluvanna Avenue, Richmond 34, Virginia 176 Perl, Arnold, 305 East 10th Street, New York 9, N.Y. 253 Petrov, Allan, 116 East 58th Street, New York 22, N.Y. 280 Phillips, Alan G., 2803 Wright Avenue, Orlando, Florida 331 Phillips, Harry H., 616 Kirtland Street, Pittsburgh 8, Penna. 15 Philpott, W. A., Jr., P. 0. Box 356, Dallas 2, Texas 305 Picker, Richard, P. 0. Box 366, Albertson, Long Island, N.Y. 201 Plyler, Clyde G., 506 Laurel Court, Lancaster, S.C. 247 Poindexter, Robert H., Box 193, Cynthiana, Kentucky 172 Porter, Robert S., Jr., P. 0. Box 81, Tarentum, Penna 52 Preston, Jack R., 760 Moreno, Palo Alto, California 300 Price, Larry E., P. 0. Box 1852, Fayetteville, Arkansas 28 Provenza, Pat V., 203 Zoratoa Avenue, St. Augustiine, Florida 260 Ptacnik, Anthony, 129 Fairview Avenue, Somerville, N.J. R 37 Rankin, Claude W., P. 0. Box 110, Fayetteville, N.C. 14 Reinis, Joseph G., 50 Court Street, Brookln 1, New York 33 Rennick, Raymond, 217 Tea Rose Drive, Natrona Heights, Penna. 132 Rice, Foster W., 28 Roton Avenue, Rowayton, Connecti- cut 140 Richardson, Elliott, Box 155, Urbanna, Virginia 23 Richardson, Larry D., Route No. 5, Lexington, Virginia 29 Rieger, Nelson A., Exchange National Bank, Colorado Springs, Colorado 85 Robertson, Jasper L., M. D., 133 Church Street, Hoosick Falls, New York 292 Robin, Peter G., 5324 Wynnefield Avenue, Philadelphia 31, Penna. C-D U.S. and Obsolete Notes C Large Size U.S. and Miscellaneous Paper Money C Foreign and U.S. C American C Obsolete Currency C Type Set Coins--U.S. Paper—Odd and Curious C Colonials (Coins and Notes) C Georgia Treasury Notes and Obsoletes C Coins, Michigan Obsolete Notes C U.S. and Foreign Paper Money C Obsolete Paper Money C Broken Bank Notes and U.S. Currency C General C All $2 Notes, Large Currency, National Bank Notes C C-D CSA Type Notes C Obsolete Notes Including CSA C Colonial Currency, Encased Postage, U.S. Small Bills D Proofs WorldGold—Paper C U.S. C $5 National Bank Notes C All Numismatic Items D Colonials and Continentals C South Carolina Material C U.S. Coins, U.S. Large and Fractional Cur- rency, CSA, Southern States and Broken Banks C U.S. Paper Money C Small Size U.S. Notes C Early Arkansas, Mexican Revolution, Saudi Arabia C Florida Obsoletes, Including Scrip C-D U.S. and Foreign C N.C. Notes (State Issues and Obsoletes) C Paper Money with Philatelic Designs C U.S. Large Currency C Bank Notes 1796 to Date C State and County Notes and U.S. Large Currency C Virginia Obsolete Notes C U.S. Type Set of Currency C U.S. Notes (Including Fractional), CSA, Ob- solete Notes C Foreign Paper Money VOL. 1 Paper ilteney PAGE 15 53 Roethke, Carl L., 1759 Gratiot Avenue, Saginaw, Mich- igan 252 Rosenberg, Joseph E., 813 North Sweetzer Avenue, Los Angeles 69, California 289 Rossi, Basil A., 39 Cornwall Gardens, Singapore 10, Malaya 166 Rothert, Matt, P. 0. Box 5861, Camden, Arkansas 306 Rowe, John N. III, 3313 Caruth Blvd., Dallas 25, Texas 63 Ruder, Lucius S., 1102 Palmview Avenue, Belleair, Clearwater, Florida 11 Rutman, Ben E., 2087 Pinehurst Ave., St. Paul 16, Minnesota S 111 Salmanowitz, Harold, c/o Superintendence Co., Inc., 67 Broad St., New York 4, N.Y. 59 Saunders, Vernon R., 2613 - 13th St., Ashland, Ky. 178 Savage, Robert E., 1553 Hatch Road, Okemos, Michigan 245 Scerba, John, 13430 Madison Avenue, Lakewood 7, Ohio 332 Schatz, Harry J., Fitchville, Conn. 170 Schell, Frank R., 229 Spruce, Chadron, Nebraska 282 Scheuch, Karl, Lindenstrasse 9, Ober-Eschbach bei Bad Homburg v.d.h., West Germany 195 Scwarz, George B., 3785 Northampton, Cleveland Heights 21, Ohio 163 Seaman, Charles D., 209 Essex Street, Salem, Massa- chusetts 251 Seckler, S. A., 128 Hillcrest Avenue, Hinsdale, Illinois 24 Seitz, Paul S., Glen Rock, Penna. 285 Serxner, Stanley J., Apartado Postal 967, Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A. 168 Settle, Thomas J., P. 0. Box 1173, Church Street Station, New York 8, New York 102 Skandera, John, Jr., P. 0. Box 146, Little Falls, New York 56 Sklar, Maurice, 3554 Scadlock Lane, Sherman Oaks, California 71 Skribiski, John P., R.F.D. No. 3, Box 41, Amherst, Mass- achusetts 32 Slabaugh, Arlie, 7409 West Howard St., Chicago 48, Illinois 129 Slopak, Abraham, 32 Hall Hill Avenue, Colchester . , Conn. 3 Smedley, Glen B., 253 Washington Blvd., Oak Park, Illinois 228 Smith, James, 49 Pleasant Street, Rockland, Maine 55 Smith, Sidney W., 2512 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 37, Florida 58 Spain, Howard E., Waverly, Virginia 25 Spencer, Frank W., 25 West Main Street, Newark, Ohio 339 Spiker, Robert E., 124 East 59th St., Westmont, Illnois 94 Spirt, Louis L., 15 Brown Street, Waterbury, Conn- ecticut 154 Stanley, Bolling C., P. 0. Box 388, Tallahassee, Florida 31 Stark, Leonard W., 25 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois 187 Steele, Warren C., 516 West Cypress St., Altus, Okla- homa 321 Stewart, D. M., 610 - 3rd Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada 99 Street, Howard F., 3805 Linden Avenue, Philadelphia 14, Penna. 153 Strong, Irving M., 119 Ninth Street, S.W., Albuquerque, New Mexico 90 Stumpp, William A., 68 Mountain View Road, Millburn, N.J. 44 Sullivan, Alexander J., 701 Hammonds Lane, Baltimore 25, Md. 89 Sureck, Jake B., 130 N. W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City 3, Okla. 318 Swails, Alfred J., 2218 McFee Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 16 Swanson, John H., 916 East Main Street, Kilgore, Texas T 141 Tamiya, Eiichi, 178 Teramae-cho Kanazawa-Ku, Yoka- hama, Japan 219 Telfer, Gordon W., 225 East Pine Street, Big Rapids, Michigan C U.S. Currency, Michigan Obsolete Bank Notes D Stamps and Coins C Malaya, Borneo, Australia C Fractionals, U.S., CSA and Broken Banks Bills D U.S. C Uncut Sheets of Obsolete Currency, Ohio Notes 1803-1865 C All Paper Money Except Foreign C U.S. Small Size Currency C-D C National Bank Notes C Paper Money, Coins, Medals C U.S. C U.S. Currency and Large Cents C German and Foreign Currency, German Porcelain Coins C-D Old Obsolete Notes C Canadian Coins and Paper Money C U.S. and Broken Bank Notes C-D All Paper Money, Especially Obsoletes C Central America, World Wide D All Paper Money C-D U.S. C U.S. and Canadian Currency C U.S. General C All Paper Money, Especially Historical C-D Broken Bank Notes C C U.S. D C Virginia Obsolete Currency of All Kinds C U.S. Paper Money C Military Currency of World War II C U.S. Currency C Florida Obsolete Paper Money D CSA and Obsolete Notes C Foreign Currency C Canadian C Uncirculated U.S. Notes, Large $1, $2, $5, $10 and Small $1, $2, $5 C Colonial Notes C Currency Errors C China, South American and World Paper Money C U.S. Coins, World Crowns, U.S. and Foreign Currency C World Wide D U.S. and CSA Notes Paper Money of Japan C National Bank Notes of Michigan PAGE 16 Paper iitone9 VOL. 1 C C C C C C 198 Tenneson, John, 336 Beech Avenue, Garwood, New Jersey 45 Thompson, 2734 Clio Road, Flint, Michigan 169 Treadaway, James N., 5510 Belmont, Dallas 6, Texas 184 Truesdale, F. M., 1061 Wisconsin River Drive, Port Ed- wards, Wisconsin 301 Tucker, Edgar J., 9 Church Street, Keyser, West Virginia 160 Twombly, Ardyce R., James Baird State Park, Pleas- ant Valley, N.Y. N.J. National Bank and N.J. Broken Bank Notes Michigan Broken Bank Notes U.S. Paper Money National Bank Notes, Fractional Currency Latin American Large Size U.S. Currency and All Silver Cer- tificates U C-D Paper Money and Gold Coins 207 Utz, Miss Marguerite L., Route 2, Attica, Ohio C Cattle on Money V 137 Van Doren, Joseph, P. 0. Box 685, Valley Center, Cal- ifornia C U.S. Currency 203 Van Hurle, Roger E., 2730 Burton Avenue, Indianapolis 23, Indiana C Paper Money of the World (Including U.S.), Crowns 5 Wait, George W., Box 165, Glen Ridge, New Jersey C All Paper Money 73 Walker, John Tracy III, Orchard Street, Blacksburg, Virginia C CSA, Virginia Bank Notes, U.S. Military Scrip 226 Ward, James, 600 North McCullough Avenue, San An- tonio 12, Texas C U.S., Confederate and Foreign Currency 81 Warfield, Thomas P., 208 W. Saratoga St., Baltimore, Maryland D All Paper Money Except Foreign 35 Warns, Melvin Owen, P. 0. Box 1840, Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin C National Bank Notes 171 Watts, Dr. George L., 11656 Joalyce Drive, Alsip 58, Illinois C Paper Money of the World 235 Wentz, E. R., 907 West Virginia, Beaumont, Texas C Obsolete Currency 138 Wentzel, Donald B., 22 Hillside Avenue, Millville, New C N.J. Broken and National Bank Notes Jersey 93 Werner, Louis S., 1270 Broadway, New York 1, New C-D All Types of Paper Money of the World York 214 Winters, Bill, 3325 Casa Bonita, Corpus Christi, Texas C General 259 Wolfe, Homer C., 19488 Grandville, Detroit 19, Michigan C Michigan Obsolete Bank Notes 266 Woolf, Jack Layton, c/o Southern Pacific Company, Redding, California C-D American and Canadian Minor Coins 279 Wormser, Charles M., 65 East 96th St., New York 28, N.Y. D 173 Wright, Russell W., 2090 Lilly Drive, Thornton 29, Colorado C U.S. Paper Money—Proofs • 142 Yablun, Ray L., 521 Citizens Bldg., Cleveland 14, Ohio D 308 Yaggi, Y. A., 1508 Willow Oak Drive, Longview, Texas C General 181 Younkin, Merrill V., 1614 Alta, Wichita 16, Kansas C U.S. $1 and $2 Certificates 118 Urbanski, Casimir X., Jr., Oak Ridge Motel, Route 1, Box Florida302, Maitland, Property of SPMC ibrainr (blank page) (blank page)