Live Demo of SPMC Obsolete Online Database Project

Project leaders for the SPMC online obsolete database project will host a live demo at the International Paper Money Show in Memphis on Saturday, June 20 at 2pm.  The location will be the Nashville Room at the Sheraton Hotel adjacent to the Convention Center.  

Wendell Wolka, Shawn Hewitt and Mark Drengson will walk you through the overview of the project, and then drill into a live demo of the website.  This will be considered a soft rollout of the website, as it is not yet ready to go into production mode, but it's really close.  You'll have a chance to see the overall structure, how to add notes to the database, and ask questions.  So far we have over 25 individuals who have expressed interest in being State Experts (SEs), who will help to moderate the site and vet data as it comes in.  We welcome the opportunity to add more SEs.  This is a multi-year, if not multi-generational, project, and your participation at any level is thoroughly invited.

The code building portion of this project has been done by Akshay Patel and his associates of Webrelational Media LLP of Bangladore, India.  Akshay was instrumental in building the SPMC website a few years ago.  We look forward to seeing this project enjoy the same successful reception as the previous work.

Release Date: 
Sunday, May 17, 2015