Memphis 2016 Speakers Series Schedule Announced


Memphis International Paper Money Show Speakers Series 2016


Joseph Boling: Out of China – the latest in faked currency

Coins are not the only spurious numismatic material coming from China. There is no end of paper as well. This talk will show many examples of counterfeits prepared for collectors, as well as garden variety replicas that are being sold over internet outlets daily.

Steve Carr: When the Kids Take Over National Banks

Many national banks were family owned and operated. Sometimes the owner's children took over. Some were chips off old Dad's block. Others - well - they did as they pleased.

Carlson Chambliss: Exciting New Data on Small‑Size $500 and $1000 Federal Reserve Notes

Correct print‑run data will be presented for all Series 1928, 1934 and 1934A $500 and $1000 FRNs.  30% to 45% of the $500 and $1000 1928s were issued, whereas most of the 1934 and 1934A got out.

Ray and Steve Feller: Greek Tragedy, Triumph, Tragedy and Triumph

Italians attacked Greece on October, 28, 1940, were driven out, then the Nazis overwhelmed the country in 1941. A brutal occupation followed made worse by inflationary currency.  

Dave Frank: Allied Prisoner of War Scrip of World War II

See the script issued in Allied Prisoner of War camps and learn how it was used.

Pierre Fricke: Introduction to the History and Collecting Confederate Paper Money

Be carried along with how the Confederacy dealt financially with the most tumultuous event in American history.

Shawn Hewitt, Mark Drengson, Wendell Wolka:  SPMC Obsolete Database Project

The ODP team will present an update of the SPMC Obsolete Database Project wherein the Society of Paper Money Collectors has established a dedicated website to building a comprehensive data base of all the obsolete currency issues in the United States.

Peter Huntoon: The path to building a world-class national bank note collection

Lee Lofthus: The Fabulous High Denomination Federal Reserve Notes of 1918

Federal Reserve Board files reveal that large size $5,000 and $10,000 FRNs circulated more widely outside banks than popularly believed before changing circumstances at Treasury led to their demise.

Roger Urce and Howard Daniel: Revolutionary Bonds of China's Dr. Sun Yat Sen

The Qing Dynasty ruled Chine for 270 years until the revolution in 1912. The goal of Dr. Sun Yat Sen was to remake China as a republic.

Jamie Yakes: Series of 1928 & 1934 Gold Certificates

See how gold certificates were transitioned to small‑size notes, and then abolished as a currency during the turbulent years of the Great Depression and New Deal. We=ll sort out the facts and myths underlying one of our favorite small size types. 

Movie: Processing intaglio plate orders from receipt of orders to shipment of products, circa 1912

Phenomenal footage showing all the manufacturing steps and machines involved in executing currency, stamp and securities orders filmed in the main ABNC Bronx plant. Silent. 45 minutes.


Tentative Schedule:


Friday-June 3

Saturday-June 4


Steve Carr

Roger Urce and Howard Daniel


The Fellers

David Frank


Jamie Yakes

Lee Lofthus


Carlson Chambliss

Pierre Fricke


Joseph Boling

Peter Huntoon


Shawn Hewitt / SPMC

ABNC movie



Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 11, 2016