SPMC's Obsoletes Database Project

The Society of Paper Money Collectors is close to launching a test version of a new website dedicated to a census and cataloging of U.S. Obsolete Notes.  This project is large in scope and needs the participation of dedicated collectors like you to be successful.  In particular, we will be seeking State Experts (SEs) to manage the information for each state.  SEs will be recognized on the site as authorities in their field of expertise.
The database has been pre-populated with Ohio and Minnesota data that has been collected over the years by Wendell Wolka and Shawn Hewitt.  Additionally, there are issuer entries for all known state banks.  We hope to incorporate other data soon.  While the front end of the database is designed for single entry of notes, we will be able to accommodate bulk input via Excel spreadsheets.
If you would like to be involved in this initial testing and/or have obsolete note data that you are willing to share, please contact us (http://www.spmc.org/node/1121) at your earliest opportunity.  We are aiming for a general release of the website at Memphis 2015.
Thanks, and we look forward to working with you.
Shawn Hewitt, Wendell Wolka and Mark Drengson
Project coordinators
Our definition of obsolete notes is going to be rather diverse, and includes the following:

Private Bank Notes, Free Bank Notes, State Bank Notes, Chartered Bank Notes (any kind of note listed in Haxby)

Post Notes, Certificates of Deposit (Non-Bank Notes, or pseudo-bank notes not listed in Haxby)

Scrip (Merchant, Bank, Railroad, Company, Cardboard, Sutler, etc.)

Municipal Scrip

Labor Exchange

Postal Notes

Panic of 1893, Panic of 1907, Depression Scrip (Emergency)

Advertising Notes

College Currency

Tiffany Commission Scrip

Savings Scrip (Depositary)


Release Date: 
Friday, March 13, 2015