A new book that includes Tennessee obsolete currency, discovery banknotes and scrip as well as all existing published currency is available for sale from the authors Dennis Schafluetzel and Tom Carson. It includes a listing of all 3000+ known paper money issued from Tennessee between 1800 and 1959. It covers all paper money issued by: state authorized banks, private / unauthorized banks, the state, counties, cities, private merchants, companies and railroads. The book includes history of the issuers, developed over 16 years, with a full color image of the notes, the rarity of the notes and the value of each type of currency based on the grade of the note. It also includes the listing of the known notes that were issued, but were not known to have survived. Each note listing includes the note identifiers under from Paul Garland's book THE HISTORY of EARLY TENNESSEE BANKS AND THEIR ISSUES and from James A. Haxby's book UNITED STATES OBSOLETE BANK NOTES 1782 -1866 (Tennessee section). The book includes tables for converting the new note identifier to the Garland and Haxby identifier. The table of contents and index make finding specific notes easy. The book is self-published by the authors Dennis Schafluetzel and Tom Carson.

The book retails for $110 (plus $10 domestic postage). For more information or to purchase a book, contact Tom Carson; Cell: 423-580-8115; or Dennis Schafluetzel; Cell: 423-653-7908


Release Date: 
Sunday, February 16, 2020