9th Annual SPMC Author's Forum

Learn about cutting-edge research and new books on paper money.

Noon to 2pm in the Marriott Ballrooms.

Brochure for the 9th Annual SPMC Author's Forum
Order of the Event

WELCOME (5 minutes)
Mark Anderson, SPMC President

INTRODUCTION: (5 minutes)
Wendell Wolka, emcee for the event

Speakers 1 & 2 (30 minutes) Pierre Fricke & Fred Reed
History of Collecting Confederate States of America Paper Money, 1865-1945 (Self-published 2012)

Speaker 3 (30 minutes) Carlson Chambliss
A Concise Catalog of U.S. Military Payment Certificates (Self-published, 2012)

INTERMISSION (10 minutes)


Speakers 4 & 5 (30 minutes) Wendell Wolka & Steve Feller
Hilton’s Collecting Confederate Currency: Hobby and/or Investment? (Self-published, 2012)

Questions & Answers

Meet & Greet, book signings

SPMC thanks Lyn Knight, proprietor, and Doug Davis, show chairman, of the Memphis International Paper Money Show for providing arrangements. This event was organized by Fred Reed, SPMC Editor/Publisher. © 2012 SPMC

Event Date: 
Friday, June 8, 2012
Event Type: 
250 North Main Street Marrott Ballrooms
38103 Memphis , TN
United States
Tennessee US