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Wanted: United States Postal Notes

Wanted: United States Postal Notes 1883-1894. Please contact me at

$2 notes ending in 007

Wanted:  CU $2 series 2003A district and block letters:  DE(dc), FJ(dc), FP(fw), and KH(fw) with serial number ending in "007".  email:

Buying Minnesota Paper Money

I buy Minnesota Paper Money.  My passion is obsolete bank notes and scrip, but I like nationals as well.  Better material will draw the best prices.  Contact me at


Collector's Guide to Paper Money by Stephen D. Russell, see

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Seeking $10 Altered NA Seals & LFP 86/87s

Wanted: Fr. 2309 NA notes with altered yellow seals & Fr. 1702 late finish plate 86/87 notes. Please contact 

The Catalog of Printers Promotional Sheets & Test Notes - 17th Edition

eBook on pdf format just released - 101 MB

  • 1,232 pages
  • 280 firms
  • 3,343 test notes attributed
  • 5,752 varieties documented
  • 6,930 color images, including back light, UV (ultraviolet), close up, and sharp angle images to show security features present.

For image, information, & ordering, visit my test note web page at:


Seeking Miami/Miami Beach/Seattle Nationals, most banks/denoms/types; I like high-end VFs with even wear.