A History of Nineteenth Century Ohio Obsolete Bank Notes and Scrip, 2005-06 Update of

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Author : Wendell Wolka
Year : 2006
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The update breaks new ground on several fronts. It is available as a CD (compact disc), with over 110 pages of information, 117 new or revised listings, and 118 high resolution color illustrations. A number of pages of information which simply wouldn't fit in the original book such as printing totals, National Bank connections, and the like are also included. All of the files on the CD are in PDF format which means that they can be explored with either Adobe Acrobat® or Adobe Reader®. The user can search the entire text for specific key words and magnify the high resolution color images to study even the smallest detail on a note. The 2005-06 Update CD may be ordered by sending a check, made payable to Wendell Wolka, for $13.95 to Wendell Wolka, PO Box 1211, Greenwood, IN 46142. The price includes shipping and handling. If you somehow missed the original book, it is still available directly from the author for $60.00 postpaid, with orders accepted at the same address shown for ordering the Update CD.

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