SPMC Educational Speakers Forum at FUN 2019

Friday – January 11 – All Seminars in Room W304F


Robert Moon, "A Beginner's Guide to Collecting National Bank Notes"

What are National Bank Notes?  Often called "America's Hometown Paper Money", this presentation will feature a brief history of paper money in the United States, a high-level overview of the origin and history of National Bank Notes, ways to collect National Bank Notes, and some suggestions on the pitfalls to avoid in order to really enjoy this fascinating hobby.

Bob Moon has been a collector and researcher of National Bank Notes for 40 years, with a focus on notes from New York and South Carolina.  He has written numerous articles on National Banks for Paper Money and several other publications.  He has also been a currency cataloger for Heritage Auctions for over 10 years, specializing in National Bank Notes along with U. S. Large and Small-Size Type Notes.



Robert Calderman, "Introduction to Small Size Currency Collecting"

With the most growth potential in all of Numismatics, tremendous opportunity awaits in Small Size! Do you know what you should be looking for? Are your holdings adequately diversified? Learn how you can become prepared to take on the future of the hobby, before it’s too late!



Wendell Wolka, "The Fall of New Orleans and its Aftermath"

This is the story behind the fall of the city in April 1862 and that event's impact on Civil War era New Orleans scrip issues and on their forced redemption in 1862 by both Civil and Military Authorities. The interaction of Civil War historical events and numismatic history is quite involved and will hopefully prove interesting to Civil War history buffs and paper money collectors alike. 

Wendell has been collecting a wide range of paper money areas for over six decades. In addition to collaborating on several numismatic books, he has written two books on obsolete paper money and will be releasing a third on the obsolete paper money and scrip of Indiana at the show. He is a columnist for Coin World and The Numismatist, a frequent speaker on the subject, and enjoys teaching and researching diverse paper money topics. He presently is associated with Heritage Auctions as a currency cataloger, having a primary focus on obsolete paper money as well as Confederate and Southern States issues.



Pierre Fricke, "Counterfeit Confederate money made in the Union"

The fascinating history of counterfeit Confederate notes that were made in the Union during the Civil War, either as souvenirs or counterfeits designed to disrupt the Southern economy, will be revealed. Notable are those of Samuel Upham and Winthrop Hilton, but there were smaller operations in Kentucky, St. Louis and other places.

Pierre Fricke is a collector and dealer of Obsolete, Confederate and US Federal Civil War currency and related items as well as many early American copper and Civil War-dated U.S. coins.


Saturday – January 12 – Room W303B

8:30am - SPMC Membership Meeting

Benny Bolin, "Solving the Civil War Small Change Crisis with Fractional Currency, Encased Postage Stamps, Merchant Scrip and Tokens"


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Friday, January 11, 2019 to Saturday, January 12, 2019
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