Eagle Vignette

I am interested in the eagle vignette on the front of this Corporation of Fort Valley NC ten cent note.  This note is a spurious note, probably produced by the same persons who produced several other spurious "Corporation" notes in South Carolina (Corporation of Charleston, Corporation of Columbia, Corporation of Branchville, and Corporation of Cheraw).

The vignettes on the left (of a reaper with sheaf of wheat) and right (woman with rose) are very common on many other notes from other states.  Yet I have never seen on any other note, or even elsewhere, the vignette in the center of the eagle perched on its nest with eaglets.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who has seen this vignette elsewhere let me know.

Thank you, Charles

I have now found a half dozen notes with the identical or very similar vignette, if any one is interested. CD

Just saw your article on the "green eagle" vignette in the Paper Money. I have had a 25c  AL with that vignette for a few years. I didn't see any mention of a 25c piece in the article. I have some info that came with the note but it really isn't much. I got it from an Ebay sale when I was just trying put together a set of AL fractionals. If your interested, let me know and I'll go through the efort of scanning the note and the original ebay listing info.

Jim Phillips

P.O. Box 36

Hemet, CA 92546



Hi Jim, I found a note like yours, just one SN away (this one is SN 68025, and yours is 68024). Best wishes, Charles