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Journal July/august

Does anyone know when new journal will be issued?

Military payment certificate book update by Fred schwan

Does anyone know when or if Fred Schwab's 4th edition book will be updated?


Who was the counterfeiter of US $100 bills in Germany around 1929?

Big thanks to Bob Ayers for his excellent article, "$100 Counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes" (SPMC Sept/Oct 2019, #323). '

Some of the $100 bills, produced for the Soviet Union near Berlin, were laundered through the Berlin bank, Sass & Martini, in late 1929, which had been recently purchased by Communist sympathizers in Germany, and which was shuttered by the Berlin police in early 1930. 

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Cut cancelled

What are some reasons for any US currecy, promissory, note to be "cut cancelled?"

And are there a greater number of a specific type of notes to be cancelled?

Would the timeline/history/commecment of these cut cancelled notes also be a factor?

Thank you

Take care

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SPMC archived journals

The current SPMC journals archived, are they in there complete form, from cover to cover?

And this would include V1; No1, Winter 1962.

Take care

Thank you

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Happy New Year! Name One Favorite New Acquisition From 2021

I acquired a $3 Obsolete Banknote from the Bank of Manchester in the State of Michigan which has a portrait of Benjamin Franklin at the center. It is dated 20 November 1837, and it is special to me because both of my grandfather's were born on November 20th.


Typical Collection Size?

Of course I know that the type of paper money you collect will impact the size of your collection. If you only collect U.S. Gold Certificates or Treasury notes you won't have a lot of notes, but you will need a lot of money to acquire your notes. I read that Dr. Albert Pick had over 180,000 notes in his personal collection (mostly notgeld). i would guess that his collection was probably close to, if not a record size. Any thoughts on what is considered a small, medium or large size collection of paper money. Feel free to define paper money any way you want (including U.S.

US military payment certificates Standard catalog listings

Why are MPC not listed in the World(Pick) Catalog(s).?