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My name is Mike and I live in the Birmingham, AL area.   Joined SPMC a week ago and am looking over this web site, hoping to share and learn.  

Like an earlier poster said this forum doesn't seem to see much action, but hoping to find a few folks to interact with.

Talk soon,




Membership Renewal

Issued solved through Paper Money Forum

I went to renew my regular membership online but there is no option for Regular with journal for US address @ $39. My membership status is Active - Recurring.

I don't remember a sign up for auto renewal. I can't find anything about that on this site. Happened last year but option came up after a few reloads, not so now.

Thanks, Marty

Why is this forum so dead

It's disappointing that there are little or no posts or responses. This forum should be more promoted to stimulate more activity. Can someone please help.

US large paper money price guides

Lately I've been surfing large size us notes for sale on EBay and dealer inventories. I just looked at coin world paper money guide that was just updated on their website. I'm just amazed how low coin world's price guide is in comparison to EBay and dealers stocks! In most cases it isn't even close! Same with Banknote reporter. I'd be interested in hearing opinions why this has happened. 

Serial number symbols

Serial number stop symbols 

If you look at these bills, you will see that the serial numbers have a symbol afterwards.

Current edition of journal

Is the September edition of journal coming out soon?

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Counterfiet ?

In the late '80's, (Before I was involved W/ the hobby)  I was working in retail in NE Bergen Cty, NJ. I began to see a # of  $5 "red seals" being passed @ my location. Many appeared to be "crisp" so it occured to me, that they COULD be counterfiet. Was wondering IF anyone here had any knowledge of these. THANKS ! CBD

Current edition of journal

Why isn't current edition post on website?

Is Legacy Currency Grading still in business?

Hi Folks, 

Just curious: has anyone heard anything from Legacy Currency Grading since 2019 when they first opened for business?  Just saw one of their notes listed on eBay and was wondering if they're still in business. Thanks.

Napier-Burke Signature Combination on National Bank Notes

The latest issue of "Paper Money" (July/August 2020) has an interesting piece by Peter Huntoon on the Napier-Burke Treasury signature combination on National Bank Notes. As an avid collector of California nationals, with a sort by Treasury signature combinations, I checked my spreadsheet and found another California bank that issued notes with Napier-Burke that was not listed in the article: Charter No.10362 Jamestown National Bank. I have in my collection a $10 1902 PB (not in the NBN Census) and a $20 1902 PB (which is in the Census) with this combination.