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Carteret NJ national banknote type 2

Does anyone know the population of type 2 20 dollar note? I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks!

NCF status

Has the National Currency Foundation gone inactive?  I have been trying to renew my NCF membership for over a year, without success.  E-mails to the Foundation & Andrew Shiva have gone unanswered.  Has anyone else had problems like this?  Thanks.

London Coins Paper Money Auction 31 August 2019

Hello All,

I wanted to share the London Coins Paper Money Auction catalogue, as a lot of my late dad's notes collection is available. The World notes are Lots 98-517, in case anyone is interested! Here is the link, thank you!

Video of Presentations, Digital Outreach, etc.

As has been discussed by many collectors and dealers, and most recentley in Robert Calderman's article in July/Aug 2019 Paper Money, attendance at Shows has declined, and younger collectors (as well as many long-time collectors) tend to enter and experience the hobby largely through digital means.

Image of Counterfeit bills from the late 1800s

Hello fellow members,

I am searching for a high-resolution image of a counterfeit bill from the 1880s. Does anyone have one or know where I can get such an image. I just need the front of the bill. Thank you!



Response to topics

I am a new member and am surprised that a lot of topics have gone unanswered. I would like to see more responses. Maybe more promotion of this form would help stimulate members to be more active? I think this is a great organization. I hope my feedback will help.

MPC 5 cent replacement note series 481

I would like your feedback on scarcity of my series 481 replacement note 5 cents.


inverted star notes

It peaked my interest to read the article regarding series 1928 $100 inverted star notes.  That led to finding a series 1935 G silver certificate with inverted star.  I would like to know if there is a possible production figure for the inverted star sc's or roughly how many may be out there since that series seems to be most common from the text on paper money errors I have read.

Any help is appreciated.


Depression Era Script

Who handles Depression Era Script?  An accumulaton of foreign included Guilford county, NC first issue April 1933 Tax Anticipation notes of 5, 25 and 50cents along with Lodi, NJ Tax Anticipation notes of 1936 denominated $5, 10, 25 and $50.  Or, are they common as dirt?