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Inventory Spreadsheet

Hello:   I am new to SPMC and am looking for a spreadsheet template for my collection which is international and includes old, new, obsolete and error notes.   I would like something that is attractive with flags or some other bling to it.  I have created my own spreadsheet but it is quite bland.   Can anyone help with an available shareable sheet or a source of one.    Thanks very much.



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national bank note census

Hi, new member here. Is the Kelly national banknote census the same as the trackandprice census? I need info on charter 6344 FNB Perryopolis Pa.


thank yuo


One in 9 Billion

Impossible odds?  I have 2 Federal Reserve One dollar notes, both with Serial Number C40901138A.  One is series 1993 other is 2009.  Both have been certified by PMG.

paper money error

Over the weekend I attended our local coin clubs annual show where I purchased a error note type I have never seen published.  The paper itself is seperating like the pages of a book.  Does anyone know a proper description or a value for that type?

Just a short note to say I am selling on Ebay 9 notes as far back as 1866

Hello fellow currency collectors,

I am new to SPMC. I hope you will forgive my gaff if I placed this in the wrong place. Let me know if I did and I will rectify it. I am putting the following Friedberg bills up for sale and just wanted to let you know in case you wanted any of them. They are as follows. the Friedbert numbers are...

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CSA T-68 PF-11 note help

I came across this T-68 while looking to thin my collection some.  I noticed that in the margin there is an odd script.  It appears to say "McCown."  The only reference I have yet found to this is Col. James McCown, 5th Reg. MO volunteers, whose regiment seemed to be in continuous battle, from about 1862 to 1864.  Could this be relevant?  Why would his name be in the margin of a sheet?  Why is there anything in the sheet margin?  There are no special endorsements or field issuances on the back.

Thanks in advance

Colonial Replica being sold as original on eBay

I have told the seller twice that this note is a replica, the kind that used to be sold in souvenir packs. Pointed out to the seller that someone else on eBay is also selling the exact same replica and listed it as counterfeit and of course it has the same serial number :)

Criswell Reference Number Query

Can a member tell me where this 5 cent Walker Iron and Coal Company scrip item is included in a Criswell  catalog with reference number W41.
Other denominations were 10, 25 and 50 cents and 1, 2 and 5 dollars.

Walker Iron & Coal Company, Rising Fawn, Georgia, 1883

I am writing an article on this scrip.
If any members have some of these items, I would be interested in obtaining the dimensions.
Any 300dpi scans would also be welcome.

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On Collecting $1 Federal Reserve Notes

After reading this article in Paper Money Magazine, I found it necessary to call Carlson Chambliss and let him know how much I enjoyed reading it. Well written, informative and interesting. Most of my paper money collection is small-size $1 FRN's and having Carlson explain it in an easy to understand format was pure joy.

Carlson Chambliss has a wealth of experience and information concerning paper money, both large and small size and I felt honored and privileged to be able to talk to him.

Thank you Sir