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A. L. Helm - Engraver

I am looking for information to determine if and when Augustine Lawerence Helm's  (A.L. Helm) signature appeared on one or more issues of currency. I am told his signature was included on a bill or bills that were printed during his time working at the Bureau of Engraving. He left Hamilton Bank note company in 1885 and joined the Bureau of Engraving from 1885 until 1894 and many examples of currency and bonds produced are of his design.

Legal Tender Note Series

Does anybody know why Legal Tender Notes were issued in Series 1862, 1869, 1874,1875, 1878, etc?  Why were so many needed so frequently?  Has any research been done?  I have wondered about this for a while. Any assitance is greatly appreciated.

Strange signatures of a $10 National

Hi All,


Please find the scan of a $10 National large size.

In the middle of the note, between the signatures, there is a letter... Please look at the picture for better understanding.

Any idea what is it?



To slab or not to slab? That is my question.

I understand the concept of professionally graded notes and at times mistakes have been made based on some opinions of others on different sites. What are some of your opinions and who has the best track record as far as accuracy, pricing, and re-sale, not that I want to sell any of my notes at this time.Is it really worth the money and time? Thanks and y'all have a Dixie Day!!!

Heath's Counterfeit Detectors

Do we have a complete listing of all editioons and formats of Heath's Counterfeit Detector?  I am interested in knowing which plates accompanied which editions.  Also I noticed while perusing Google Books that the Treasury Department ended up confiscating a number of plates and prints from Heath.  Has anyone written that up?

I'm headed to Morocco for a Meteorite Conference and will be incommunicado for about ten days.  I look forward to finding out more about this and other "detectors" on my return.

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STOLEN: $1000 LGS Series 1934 SN: L00011961A


I hope it's okay to post this type of topic, but I was hoping to extend some help to a member from another numismatic forum who recently suffered a loss due to a note theft lost during shipping.The loss was compensated by an auction seller, but that seller remains at a loss due to this.

new to collectiong searching for national notes/pennsylvania/

erie/crawford/warren/venango counties are my main focus to start my collection and then work my way out ....  looking for all sizes and conditions and really any interesting PA currency ... hope to grow my collection and enjoy the hobby 

Looking for "The Signers of Confederate Treasury Notes 1861-'65. A Catalog of their Signatures" book.

I have been looking for the book "The Signers of Confederate Treasury Notes 1861-'65. A Catalog of their Signatures" by Michael McNeil.


I am interested in collecting STAR NOTES. What should I be looking for to establish a good collection? Are there books or publications I can read to help me?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bob Crawford

KL# in Bank Note Reporter

What authority is the KL# referring to ?