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Help needed regarding Confederate Bonds Cr 147/ B-357a OR Cr149/ B-360

I am in Australia researching Confederate printing/ imagery. I need a hi-resolution scan of the Confederate sergeant before the tent used on these two bonds. I have scoured public collections and haven't been able to locate examples there. Any sources or leads would be very much welcomed.

Ross Brooks 

small size FRBN's?

Help a rookie?

Recently have gained an interest in the small size FRBN notes.  Is there a good backgrounder/history on this short series?  I have the short article by Wendell Wolka that appeared in the ANA's Numismatist 9/16 but am looking for more info.  I welcome contact here or via 

Serial Number Chart for Natick Census is in PDF File !!!

I just posted my first Blog on Natick Overprint Errors and not sure what I did wrong when posting the Serial Numbers Charts... I scanned the Charts into a PDF File and asked my Brother post it here with the photos (in the Blog), as I had trouble uploading them, and now I'm not sure how to correct it so the serial numbers are pictured with the 3 Natick Error Notes mentioned in my Blog.

Where to post Census Results w/photos & how do I setup a Blog??

I recently reactivated my SPMC membership after letting it expire about 20 years ago, as I wanted to publish my Census Results online, and share it with other Currency Collectors..

I'm not sure where to start, or even how to setup a Blog for my account, and requesting help...

I have quite a bit of time invested in my research with both Web-Press & Natick Overprint Errors...

Stamped signatures on National Bank Notes

Hi all.  I'm putting together a display concerning the different types of signatures found on 1902 series NBN.  Has anyone seen the type of rubber stamp device used for this?  I've just started my search for one as I feel it would be a great addition to my display.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Tom Tullis

'Buried' Currency found in Methuen, MA in 2005

   Back in 2005, in Methuen MA, three roofers claimed to have found a hoard of old currency when they were digging in their yard. The story made national headlines, and they were guests on several morning TV shows. Their story unraveled when someone tipped off authorities that they found the money in the rafters of a barn they were hired to work on. They, of course, wanted to keep the money, and the land owner, an older woman, said it was hers.

Print errors on $1

I found a $1 1988 A that has 4 print errors on the note. 1. the plate position is missing. 2. the sheet number just has a 3. 3. no plate number on thr reverse. 4. A number 2 beside the 'T" at the end of In God We trust.

Where should I look for information on what happened and valuation? I am sending it to PCSG for certification. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Fred Reed's Civil War Postage Envelopes Book

I'm looking for a copy of this publication (hardcover if possible) but have had no luck online.  Please contact me if you're aware of one for sale.  Thanks!  Kevin Lafond

Old BNR issues

 I have a bunch of Bank Note Reporters from maybe 1980 to 2010 in Pasadena CA. Recycle or does anyone want them for free?  I was going to scan them but the odd old page size and lethargy prevented me.