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rwanda-burundi note id

RWANDA-BURUNDI I have a note that I would like some help identifying. It is listed as Pick# 1 but the date is incorrect. The note should read 15.9.1960 and my note is dated 15.00.1960 I will inclose a picture. Any information is appreciated.


Eagle Vignette

I am interested in the eagle vignette on the front of this Corporation of Fort Valley NC ten cent note.  This note is a spurious note, probably produced by the same persons who produced several other spurious "Corporation" notes in South Carolina (Corporation of Charleston, Corporation of Columbia, Corporation of Branchville, and Corporation of Cheraw).

Hardest Notes to Collect

What notes do you consider the toughest to collect?

Personally, I have not seen any high quality gold certs in many

auctions lately. Has anyone seen gold certs in high quality lately

at any auction?


Great health to all and happy collecting.

Is Bank Note Reporter Magazine a good resource for the collector?

I'd like to know if the Bank Note Reporter Magazine is worth getting a
subscription. I've heard from many people they are placing a lot of advertsiing
space and not very many articles to aid the collector.

Can anyone shed light on this topic?

Thanks for a moment of your time.

Happy collecting to everyone.

CEC - Currency Evaluation Company

Hello everyone. I have come across several several notes "Graded" by CEC. I am unable to obtain any information about this company. I have my doubts whether or not it is ligitimate. Any information would be great! Thanks...

Odd Serial Number Alignment

In light of the recent LS NB replacement info, I've had a chance to look at my nationals more closely.

Here's a late STL PB with what looks like a "crooked" upper right serial; the lower left serial seems properly aligned. Any idea what was going on here (or just bad eyesight on my part?)

Nevada National Banks

Does any reader know to what extent the 1974 publication "Nevada Sixteen National Banks and Their Mining Camps" by M.O. Warns was printed? They all appear to have been numbered in order of printing, and I've seen copies into the 360's. Any information would be appreciated.

1886 $1 silver certificate - different seals?

Hello all. Is there any significance to the large and small red seals, as well as the brown, for this 1886 series? I'm not sure what these different seals indicate. Thanks in advance.


Series 1929 National Bank Replacement Notes

I originally thought that the only way to identify a small size replacement note was by the serial numbers being 'crooked' or having a definate upward or downward tilt.

There is an article on Series 1929 National Bank Replacement Notes in the March/April, 2012 issue of Paper Money. On page 98 of the article, there is a diagram showing the critical diagnostic alignment within the brown overprints on Type 1 National Bank Notes.

I made a transparent overlay using a random Type-1 NBN from my collection (hoping that it would be a regular issue note).

Post your Large Size Replacement Nationals

This thread is a companion to "Identification of Series of 1882 and 1902 National Bank Replacement Notes Printed in the 1903-1915 Period" in the September-October edition of Paper Money.  Please report your discoveries here.

Be sure to check out my blog series for summary statistics.

For starters, I'll post the favorite LSRN that I have, a $20 Date Back on Hartford, Michigan.  The use of old style fonts is pretty obvious on this one.