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Rubber Export Coupon Malaya (1922-42) - the B.L.&P. Conundrum

Not sure how many folks here collect / study rubber export coupons of Malaya (1922-28 and 1934-42) ... but this is our blog entry on that mysterious location called B. L. & P. 
State/Location of issue are often inscribed on the coupons, but there is an area labelled B. L. & P. which has baffled collectors for many decades, speculation and theories are abound, none proven thus far ....

Don Sullivan (I saw you at Memphis),

Hi Don - I misplaced your card and am now having to pay for it, by going on this forum to get in contact with you. Pls email at - thanks, Steve

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Any information on Eggleston's Grocery 15c chit?

At one point I was directed to St. Ansgar, IA...a small community in north central Iowa, 20 miles south of the Minnesota state line.

Mr. Eggleston passed away in 1954 and actually owned a cafe there, which was misidentified in the obituary.

This was confrimed by a lady from the Chamber of Commerce who actually had waitressed at the cafe prior to his passing.

Anyone have any insights into the origin of this note. Printed on thick, heavy paper..blank reverse. If this was depression era, which I suspect, 15c would have purchased a lot of gasoline.

Understanding the Face Printing of 1935 Silver Certificates?

Trying to understand the order and number of printings on the face of a 1935E certificate picture included.

There appears to be a missalignment of the first printing, then also of the Blue Seal and Serial numbers and also the printings being overlayed for the Treasurer and Secretary of the Treasury names and titles.

Could someone detail the order of printings of the face of these notes and their names like first  second etc, and in the process is this one missalignment caused by the first printing or several caused by the different printings?  

Collection serial numbers that have 0, 6, 9

Paper money has 0, 6 and 9 which if in a note the 0 number appear the same right side up or upside down, the 6 and the 9 would read either 6 or 9 dependant on the being upside down or not.

There are collecters whom collect notes that have only those numbers, what is the name for this type of collecting and is there a vary large following?

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ISO: Wendell Wolka

I'm in search of an email address or contact information for Wendell Wolka, to see if he might be able to provide some background on a bank note company mystery I'm researching. If anyone can offer assistance, I can be contacted at gsalexan atsign hotmail dotcom.

It seems like the SPMC could offer members a great service by providing an online membership directory. Members could opt out if they prefer, but it would be helpful to be able to contact others when the need arises. If that exists on the website already, I'm not finding it.

Greg Alexander

Philippine banknotes burned on Corregidor 1942

Hello all,

Operation Bernhard note

In the July/August issue of Paper money there is an article by Joseph Boling on Operation Bernhard notes that indicates that 100 pound notes were counterfeited. Burke, in his book, says hat he never saw a Bernhard 100 and the Pam-West British notes website shows only one with a question mark indicating that there is some question as to its authenticity. Does anyone have one? I have managed to collect a set of signature/denomination notes including the Mahon 10 pound and have never found anyone that has seen one or has one.

National Banknote population?


I typically don't collect national banknotes but I'd like to know the population numbers for my hometown bank, the National Bank of Kennett Square, in Pennsylvania. Can anyone please help me? Also, if your source reports by denomination and charter that would be great! I found but I can't see spending $100 for a membership to answer one question.

Thanks in advance!


Mike McNeil and CC&A

Does anyone know if Mike is still accepting notes for grading? Have tried to call but the number "has not been allocated" and have sent an email but no response. Thanks!!!