Philippine banknotes burned on Corregidor 1942

Hello all,

I'm trying to track down a document or documents that list the serial numbers for the Philippine banknotes (e.g. Treasury Certificates, Circulating notes, etc.) that were burned on Corregidor Island, Philippines during World War Two, prior to its surrender in May 1942. 

Anecdotal information on the amount destroyed gives a value that varies from USD 28 Million to over USD 100 Million worth of Philippine Pesos (at that time 1 USD = 2 Pesos). It also indicates that prior to burning these banknotes, their denominations and serial numbers were recorded and radioed to Hawaii, then on to a location in the continental USA (Treasury Department, Washington, D.C.?). 

I don't know if such a document or documents actually exist and, if they do, where they might be found (National Archives?). That's a lot of serial numbers to pass on over radio, unless they were mostly in consecutive bundles! If anyone has any information on this topic that they can pass on, I would be most grateful. 

Thank you.