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Looking for a old issue of Paper Money

Hi. I am trying to find a copy of a vintage issue of Paper Money the issue was in 1966 vol.5 #3 whole #19 it's has a $10 Bison Lewis and Clark note on the cover i would love to get a copy of this issue because i have the exact note that's on the cover of that issue serial # matching if anyone can help me out i would be so thankfull.Jody

USDA Food Coupon, Food Stamp

i have some questions concerning usda food coupons. in the may/june 2011 issue of Paper Money there was a very good column by peter huntoon and tom conklin on the subject. recently i acquired a few $1 food coupons and decided to list them on ebay. that was a mistake! the listings were up about 3 or 4 days and had bids and then poof, they went away. according to the all-knowing folks at ebay, it is illegal to sell food coupons. the column by peter and tom does contain the section from the food coupon act supporting this fact.

A Concise Catalog of US Military Payment Certificates by Carlson R. Chambliss

Does any one have any information on this book as far as content details and where it would be available. Apparently it is a new book. Or How I could contact Mr. Chambliss to purchase one. Thank you very much.

Gilbert Paper

Have some related info on Gilbert Paper if Steven DeGennaro wants to contact me

Ed Fritz

Major Error Hundred Dollar U.S Bill

I have 3 hundred dollar U.S bills in sequence, and the middle one has an obvious error; not sure of it was error with cut, print or placement.
They are the 1996 series, but I don't understand what the small numbers mean: the two normal ones says "B2", but the error one says "G1".


I am interested in collecting STAR notes. What should I be looking for to establish a good collection. Are there books I should read. etc.

Thanks for any help.

Remembering Helen Oswald

I asked Bill Horton to share a few words about Helen Oswald, who recently passed away. Here is what he had to say:

I do know their family but not very close. Her and Ossie (who is still alive) were long time dealers who's main specialty was paper money and helped build many collections for collectors. They were always willing to work with collectors and help them. She would always have the special boxes on the back table to show you when you had finished looking through their cases.

Reunited, and it feels so good...

When I started collecting nationals, I never thought I'd see a note on charter 4807 -- The FNB of Princeton, Minnesota. The bank lasted only 14 months, through the end of 1893, and had only $105 (21 $5 brownbacks, to be precise) outstanding in 1910. Princeton is one of the core towns in my collecting area.

As luck would have it, George Newbert -- the assistant cashier of the bank -- saved an entire uncut sheet of notes just before the bank closed. It was passed down to one of his daughters, and at some point the top note was cut from the sheet.

National Currency Foundation

I'm pretty excited about what this means for the paper money community, and not only National Bank Notes. Andrew, tell us more about it...