National Currency Foundation

I'm pretty excited about what this means for the paper money community, and not only National Bank Notes. Andrew, tell us more about it...


The National Currency Foundation (NCF) is a New York State registered charitable organization with a pending application to the IRS for non-profit status. Largely through the website (scheduled to go live on or before February 1st, 2012) the NCF will be an educational tool and resource for collectors of all levels, dealers, and researchers in paper currency. This goal will be achieved through exhibits and displays, publication of original articles, and maintenance of an image archive. While it will have a significant focus on National Bank Notes, that is not intended to be the sole focus. Eventually we hope to have exhibits and displays featuring any and all aspects of United States paper currency.

Our inaugural exhibits include a complete state seal collection of large size NBN, a 51-note U.S. state set of small size NBN, and a comprehensive exhibit of small size type notes. We also have developing exhibits highlighting the Bureau of Engraving & Printing Proofs housed at the Smithsonian Institution. Planned updates will include Proof of the Week, Discovery NBN of the Month, and notes from private collections. By special arrangement with Bank Note Reporter we will house reprints of Peter Huntoon's Proof of the Month with high resolution images of BEP Proofs.

NBNCensus.com (sister site to the Foundation) will house the new electronic version of the National Bank Note Census. This census, started by John Hickman and maintained by Don Kelly, will now have the added benefit of Peter Huntoon's meticulous revision and expansion of the Van Belkum bank issuance data. All of this information is in a fully searchable format. This is a pay site and will cost $100 per year membership fee (payable to the National Currency Foundation).

In the Spring 2012 we will upload 3-4 chapters from a new book, "The Encyclopedia of National Bank Notes" by Peter Huntoon. The encyclopedia will be published serially for member at the NBNCensus.com website.

To all SPMC members: If you like what you see, please consider putting together an exhibit on any aspect of U.S. paper currency. If you supply the images and text, we will transform it into a finished product that will make you proud!

As I said, I expect both sites to be live by 2/1/2012. If you have any questions, please email me at andrew@nationalcurrencyfoundation.org