Major Error Hundred Dollar U.S Bill

I have 3 hundred dollar U.S bills in sequence, and the middle one has an obvious error; not sure of it was error with cut, print or placement.
They are the 1996 series, but I don't understand what the small numbers mean: the two normal ones says "B2", but the error one says "G1". What does that mean??
Not only is the error one being cut wrong, it's whole bottom is cut off with too much space on top; the green stamp and the serial numbers are flipped both vertically and horizontally.
I remember seeing on the news that the U.S government was looking for 2 hundred dollar bills with major error with them that were leaked out by mistake. I believe this is one of them.
I can provide a picture if anyone asks for it.

Please post a picture, and we'll try to identify it.

I'd like to see a photo too.  Upload one or send me one personally.

Thanks, Nick

Without having a scan, the small numbers to which you probably refer are plate and position numbers. I believe the notes are printed on sheets of 16 notes (2x8). The letter would refer to the position on the sheet and the number would refer to which plate was used. The numbering is kind of weird, where consecutive numbers are on consecutive sheets. So the first and third sheets were normal.

Somehow, when it was time to make third print (would need a picture to be sure) the sheet in between was flipped. So the serial number was put on a different part of the sheet than it would ordinarily be, and the numbers are upside down.

The errors that may have leaked out by mistake are the new bills, The government had problems with the security features, and a good percentage were made with what we call gutter folds.