Video of Presentations, Digital Outreach, etc.

As has been discussed by many collectors and dealers, and most recentley in Robert Calderman's article in July/Aug 2019 Paper Money, attendance at Shows has declined, and younger collectors (as well as many long-time collectors) tend to enter and experience the hobby largely through digital means.

As a collector who often finds it difficult to take time to travel to Shows (such as IPMS), I would still very much like to be able to enjoy watching the many interesting presentations given by SPMC members, and perhaps even view the Exhibits that others have taken so much time and effort to show.

It would not be particularly difficult to make a video recording of the Presentations and host them either here as a member benefit (or for a low cost alternative, on YouTube).  Exhibits might similarly be hosted here as still images.

Images of cool notes could be posted to the SPMC's Instagram account, with links to the club's website and/or videos, or other content. There is already  thriving on Instagram the buying and selling of currency. Posting great images and information would be a fantastic means of bringing the hobby to the attention to younger people (who consume nearly all of their information digitally).

The SPMC is taking its first steps towards doing precisely that! It takes time, though, and there's a bit of a learning curve involved.

In the meantime, I'd suggestion the "Coin Television" channel on Youtube (also archived at the Newman Numismatic Portal). You can find some videos with paper money content. But you're right, we have a ways to go!